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She Doesn't Need A Man Just His Tax Dollars - MGTOW

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Published on 02 Dec 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism: The War on the West

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Bob also known as Dr. B Real the author the two volume book series Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism. This is my review of the 8th chapter in the first volume. It's called Striving For A But Achieving B - The Law Of Unintended Consequences. Bob starts by discussing a bunch of post graduate students asked to analyse a situation where an organization takes steps towards an intended outcome but instead achieves the complete opposite of what they wanted. It was a company that manufactured computer chips that began began giving out bonuses to employees that would find loose hairs or debris in the chip clean rooms. The workers started filling their pockets with stuff and then magically finding it in the clean room for cash bonuses. Show me an incentive an I'll show you an outcome. Don't usually agree with Charlie Munger, Warren Buffets right hand man but most people in business could see what was going to happen. A seven year old could have told you what took a graduate student today. In the end the quality of chips went down due to contamination. Bob also discussed his days in school and how he wrote a paper about what happens when you treat all men as pedos in Australia. Six pages in this chapter a devoted to Bob sharing his paper. He discuss how Quantus stopped seating unaccompanied minors next to grown men. British Airways and Delta do the same and that was the excuse Quantus used in order to minimize the risk to the minors. This created the facade that all women and trans women were not potentially dangerous to minors when obviously that's not the case. That they were incapable of being pedos. This then in turn creates an opportunity for female child predators to pounce on minors and for no one to believe them. Baby sitters, friends, relatives etc. This male pedo pandemonium has meant that male teachers in elementary schools are and endangered species. This hurts boys because they don't have role models all in the name of diversity by having school board hire broads to fill their teaching positions with. This leads to young men especially those raised by single mothers only having drug dealers and thugs as role models and increases crime rates. By trying to help women we hurt men and in turn those men go out and hurt soyciety and women. Humans are messed up because we are trying to create problems that aren't there because life is boring. Trying to intentionally burn down civilization for entertainment. If we were ever living in a hypothetical utopia we would mess it up because it functioned too well. Why do you think western civilization is tearing itself appart right now? Men are problem solvers and if all of life's major problems have been solved we get somewhat restless. Women especially get that way. This is the stuff Bob says in his paper. He also discusses what the title of this video says later in his chapter which I will get into in just one moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW's Guide To Retiring on 200K in Southeast Asia:

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NoFemVAL 2 months ago

The less you do for females the more money you have in your bank account. FACTS

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BigBrianUK 2 months ago

Raging Golden Eagle's You Tube channel just got nuked, for nudity!

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tekrat 2 months ago

Thumbnail girl has a great A$$.

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zdoctor 2 months ago

she does not need a man UNLESS.........she needs plumbing...carpentry.....auto mechanic....OH WAIT......ALMOST EVERY MANUAL LABOR JOB IS DONE BY MEN. ......must be nice to claim you dont need a man yet everything on average is designed.....produced...... manufactured........installed.....and serviced by men,,,,PRETTY FUNNY SHE THINKS SHE DOES NOT NEED A MAN YET THEY MAKE HER VERY EXISTENCE POSSIBLE!!!!!.................NEVER TRUST WHAMAN.......invest in yourself and walk away from whaman.

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Alucard1776 2 months ago

Note when the system goes down get out of the city because they will lock it down in 30 minutes

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