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Published on 22 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Brendan Reilly
Brendan Reilly 1 month ago

Reasons I dont trust blondes. Her attitude, her eyes, her disrespect, and her tears. I cant deal with that with blonde hair for some reason. I just absolutely hate blondes. I loved a natural blonde. But I asked her to never keep her hair that color. She normally kept it red. Guy is a simp and he should of ditched her. Heyo gents keep postin content here please. I got banned on YT for being a redpiller and I dont want to make no new account. Screw YT. I will be over here on the daily catchin up on redpills.

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Subverted Group
Subverted Group 2 months ago

I really like you guys. Real and sensible. My opinion is the husband was really naive. He had been deceived as most of have been that the modern western woman is loyal and trustworthy. Oh, there may be an occasional suspicion, but SHE LOVES ME. It's obvious his wife practiced deception from the beginning. I don't know what it is exactly, but generally people who lie, hate the people they lie to when the victim believes the lie. At minimum, the liar loses respect. I think, in this case, the loss of respect translated to a seething hatred. In my experience, the second a woman descends into contempt for a guy, it's time for the guy to split, no matter what.

I have some questions. If the guy got a divorce at this point, would he have to pay alimony? Did they guy get any money from the show? If she had won, and the guy got a divorce, would he have to pay alimony? Given how the courts work, I'd say the husband would lose a lot more than just his reputation.

It should be noted that this gem was perpetrated by Mark Wahlberg. No one should be surprised he could come up with such a show. He's worth $300 million, by the way. Cringe humiliation sells.

Thanks guys, for your service. Maybe you will save some other guys down the road.

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wroger_wroger 2 months ago

Come to think of it, they both look pretty fucked. She is a total terd, but husbands and wives tend to come as matching sets...

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Wolf178 2 months ago

SMH ,really officer SIMP

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