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Shadows of Death — Thief: Deadly Shadows FM by Savar Walkthrough

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Published on 11 Apr 2021 / In Gaming

Shadows of Death — Thief: Deadly Shadows fan mission by Savar
Walkrough by Chuzhoi
Download/discussion: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/sh....owthread.php?t=15102

0:00 Briefing
1:22 Leaving the cell
4:12 Getting the equipment
8:22 Robbing the Police station
12:18 Opening the gate
28:43 Bresling Manor
29:52 (objective) Entering the Keeper Compound
37:47 The library
40:14 Forbidden Library
43:03 (objective) Getting information about the Witch
47:07 (secret) Architect's Hall
49:24 Dining room
53:47 The upper floor
57:23 Backyard
1:01:05 Chapel
1:02:45 Another backyard
1:06:18 Note about the Chosen keepers
1:08:26 Dormitory
1:13:17 (objective) Finding the reason of Keepers Order schism
1:15:22 (secret) Garrett's apartment (from Veil of Deceit FM)
1:19:37 (secret) Hidden entrance on the upper floor
1:25:22 Merlin's office
1:33:11 Entering the Underground Libraries
1:34:05 (secret) Blue Rose location (from The Blue Rose FM)
1:36:21 (secret) Krellek's office (from The Secret Room FM)
1:41:04 (objective) Finding Deborah's Chronicles
1:42:05 (secret) A secret room with loot
1:45:44 Optaining extra bottles of oil
1:49:26 (objective) Stealing the Book of Shadows
1:50:38 (objective) Killing Merlin
1:52:04 Statue hunting
2:06:08 Returning to the Architect's Hall
2:07:57 (objective) Leaving the City

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