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Sh!t Tests, Tricking, & Cold Approaching Lot Lizards on Dessert Highways

Published on 12 Feb 2024 / In Entertainment

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Jaygo 9 days ago

The fact that guys are spending soo much time and energy studying and learning to attract women is just pathetic and sad. Especially due to the extremely low value of the average modern woman. Modern women have sooo much less to offer today. It seems most guys today are soo weak and desperate the less women have to offer, the more time money and effort guys put in to get them. That's like me working hard and putting in over time, to save money to go on a shopping spree to the damn thrift store. Doing all of this will not work because guys are doing it for the wrong reason. To get females opposed to doing it to better themselves for themselves. You can NOT make girls love you more than you Love yourself. Actions ALWAYS speaks louder than words, So doing all of this for females, I'm 100% certain will not work out in a man's benefit in the end like he think he think it will. Because it's coming from a place of Thirst and desperation and not from a place of self respect, dignity and the desire to be better for you. People can make up, make over, body build, get implants and everything under the sun to make themselves more appealing. But the 1 thing the can't do is disguise the lack of dignity and self respect.

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