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Self inflicted Part 12 - Mgtow

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Published on 03 Jul 2022 / In People & Blogs

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GoogleSucks 2 months ago

They have lost, and they do know it. The bad side of this is it breeds desperation; it already has. Things are very very bad right now, at all levels of society, and of course this didn't happen overnight. The shit show didn't simply pop into existence right now out of nothing, like a quantum fluctuation. No, and as we all around here know, this has been decades in the making, decade after decade after decade after ... Making the nearly nonexistent fertility rate problem even worse is that the clot shot causes sterility. This is yet another "gift" of the clot shot that keeps on giving, like the blood clots and all the rest (a long list). Present estimates are the 2022 fertility rate is on track to be down 20% from 2021, which is a single year drop of 20%, from fertility rates that are already decimated by feminism. While they know they've lost and so all desperately try to separate themselves from feminism and pretend/claim it never happened, they're still dangerous. This is because even though they've lost "she points and the state destroys" remains firmly in place, and this aspect of our gynocentric twilight zone world is almost certainly set to get worse, a lot worse, proportional to their levels of desperation as it intensifies.

In my opinion, because of all this, we shouldn't let or guard down as we watch them fail and flounder. Rather, it is even more important to ghost as effectively as possible, stay vigilant, keep our heads on a swivel and all the rest -- now more than ever.

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