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Published on 17 Oct 2020 / In Film & Animation

bot tells people to wear a mask

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Metal_X 3 days ago

yeah? well do something... I talk to people all the time and even republican second amendment supporters get mad at me mentioning taking these masks off... I can also tell that when I mention no go zones for white ppl only the same pro freedom pro 2nd amendment pro life the right side white people get very triggered and uncomfortable of the topic... white people are a lost cause... which proves me theory that white people are pathetic pussies and are about to get extinct... and Im white... it is sad.... I feel like Im the only one who will stand and fight once the time will come, and I will get murked... but at least I wont starve to death like the rest of pathetic morons who wont even talk to me about this...

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Johnny_Cage 3 days ago

I'm a Libertarian, conservative-leaning Black guy; you've probably seen my posts before. It is sad to me that White people have become such comfort-loving pussies that have zero-self awareness or survival instinct. They're also way greedier than they are patriotic; they've sold the country out for some short-term, drug-fueled, debt-laden 'prosperity' . The White Boomers especially killed the golden goose; they took this nation from the world's first globally-dominating superpower, to a bankrupt over-extended empire of degeneracy in less than 100 years. That has to be a goodamned record in the history of civilizations; it really happened in under 50-60 years. These same hippies and anti-war students/activists completely flipped on their 'principles' and threw soldiers into two Middle East wars, despite the fact that those countries PROVABLY had no hand in the 9/11 'attack by terrorists.' They said nothing when the precedent was set to fucking BAIL OUT GODDAMN BIG-ASS WASTEFUL CORPORATIONS. I still cannot get over just how that happened under two presidents of supposedly different politics, and there was no serious grassroots accusations of Fascism or Communist redistributionism. Just another hypocritcal betrayal of these worthless greedy Boomers. Now we [Gen Millennials and Gen Z] will live in WAY worse conditions and very little prosperity, and all these old fucks [who tell us they love America and their children] only care that their benefits are covered and they don't give a shit about anyone else. When my friend in finance enlightened me about how much money has truly been stolen from pesnion funds, Social Security, Medicare, etc., I laughed my ass off for a whole hour or so. The truth is these old fucks will VERY SOON realize that they'll be lucky if they get 30-40 cent on the dollar in benefits. They were so busy with doing drugs and their own selfish indulgences, they let the thieves in government just loot everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that should have money saved up in it for the future. There will be no fucking retirement or stupid benefits that are unsustainable; there should have never been any in the first place. It goes against our whole American principles to have the government managing your fucking savings and having authority over taking care of you in old age! But these old fucking Boomers are socialists and communists and Big Government whores deep down; they're so lazy and entitled they love not havig to plan anything.

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BlackpillRevolution 3 days ago

@Johnny_Cage: WhatsHerFace - Should you be wearing a face mask! https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/wha....tsherface-should-you

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Sentient_Of_Truth 4 days ago

make sure to put your condom while at church, don't want any accidental pregnancies.

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