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See the Inside of the Voyager Station and How to Help Us Make it Happen

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Published on 19 Jan 2021 / In Film & Animation

⁣Published on Jan 18, 2021
Microgravity doesn't work for humans. That's why Orbital Assembly Corp. (OAC) will build the Voyager Station in Low Earth Orbit, a 200-meter-wide rotating space habitat able to host 400 people at once !

Progress is accelerating on our end, on Jan 29 we will be introducing our team, giving an update on our progress and objectives for 2021 and beyond, and making a special announcement. To benefit from it first, please click that link to register your name and email address: https://bit.ly/3nWEQC2

Yes, our plan is ambitious, but we have an amazing team and have charted a clear path to make this happen. A crucial piece of technology will be demoed next month in Feb, and construction of the station itself is expected to start in 5 years. Now more than ever we need the support of space enthusiasts!


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