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Russia doesn't target civilians in Ukraine and didn't strike Kremenchug mall - UN envoy

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Published on 29 Jun 2022 / In News & Politics

Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy said the mall caught fire due to an explosion of Western-supplied weapons and ammunition, stored at the nearby factory and intended to used in shelling civilians in the Donbass, making it a legitimate military target.

Details: https://on.rt.com/byky


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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

Slowly plodding along using artillery as the main force in the war is NOT going to impress or deter ZOG-NATO from future mischief! That isn't going to stop ZOG-NATO when they decide to move in after Russian forces exhaust themselves and fail to use their high tech weapons. ****NOW**** is the time to put that high tech stuff to the test! ****NOT**** when ZOG-NATO is banging down the door to Mother Russia!

Invite Iranian mercenaries to fight and bring in Iranian stuff to test as well. Iran needs to put its stuff to the test and that includes its more complex weapons. Not just small arms and Iran's version of Katyusha rockets. Iran needs to put its tanks to the test. Home grown helicopters, fighter jets, anything that moves under its own power. Test it in Ukraine and under actual combat conditions. Do it now before ZOG-Israel decides to pull a preemptive attack.

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