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Run From Women Like This. . .

Jo The Philosopher
Published on 24 Sep 2021 / In Entertainment

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AtillaTheHung 24 days ago

The only reason men talk to women is that they want to fuck women. This is so basic and simple and completely illustrates why women are inferior to men in every way. If they didn't have vaginas men wouldn't even talk to them much less help them in any way.

Stop feeding women's egos, stop doing things for women, stop being nice when their behavior warrants a punch in their teeth. Treat women like they make zero difference in your life and you'll quickly see that most women will respect you because you've removed yourself from the theater of games they play. We control the terrain, we control the money, we control the safety of society, we control the production of material goods for which they would be slaves to us, we are their lifeline to a world that can sustain and support them, and we are the kings of this planet, period.

Make women nervous around you, make them unsure of themselves, and always keep them in check by depriving them of social and emotional support, and you'll always be in control of the women around you.

God bless you my brothers it's time to flip the script on women and continue to chop women down in the public square by controlling the language and ideas that support strong masculine society

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Jo The Philosopher
Jo The Philosopher 23 days ago


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DutchCobbler 24 days ago

He's describing what I call the 'loud & proud' party girl. These are the women that act like dudebros and overcompensate for being insecure by being obnoxious. They think they're funny because their sense of humor is warped, and they're often the ones that scream 'WWWWWWOOOOOOO!!!!!" at a girlfriend when they see them enter the club.

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InfiniteMushroom 24 days ago

Even worse are the SIMPS and White Knights who enable such bitches to act as they do.

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RogueEconomist 24 days ago

He is right

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