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Ronald McDonald House turfing out anyone 5yo that are unvaccinated

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Published on 12 Jan 2022 / In Film & Animation


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InfiniteMushroom 7 months ago

Well, let's try to trace the (((ORIGIN))) of such evil. If I'm missing a link, by all means fill me in.

Why would Ronald McDonald House do this eviction? Because Corporate said so.
Why would Corporate go against their long-standing practices regarding the mission of RMcD House? Because the Legal Dept AND Insurance Claims said so.
Why would Legal issue a policy to evict an otherwise qualified beneficiary? Because the (((MANDATE))) overrides any law of the State and the State Attorney General can do legal sanctions on McDonalds for not abiding by the COVID (((NARRATIVE))).
Why would Claims concur with Legal on this? Because McDonald's underwriters would cut off coverage for McDonalds corporation and say that McDonalds is engaging in socially irresponsible behavior regarding COVID.
Why would insurance companies cut off a huge client like McDonalds? Because the (((BANKSTERS))) would stop financing those insurance companies if they continued to insure McDonalds despite being in violation of the (((mandate))).
Why would the BANKSTERS threaten to cut off the giant insurance companies who maintain a profitable policy with McDonalds? The BANKSTERS would be cut off from (((THE FED))).

And where did this COVID Big Lie come from? **J*E*W*S**
And who owns Congress? **J*E*W*S**
And who pulls Joe and the Ho's puppet strings? **J*E*W*S**
And who controls the entire chain of command and control, from Washington down to the Faceless Corporate Toady who sent the flunky out to evict that family? **J*E*W*S**

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GenerationLESS 7 months ago

The New Racism.

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