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Coffee Talk
Coffee Talk
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Published on 25 Jun 2022 / In People & Blogs

So it finally happened, and we get to watch the huge distraction unfold as people are at each other's throats once again...
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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

There will be colorful and violent protests by the Jew-controlled mob. The Sheeple have been acclimated to the antics of Anti-Fa and BLM so, we'll see Jew-orchestrated mobs protesting this. Of course, the cops have been told to leave them alone but, arrest anybody who tries to fight back. More statues will be torn down, more cultural icons will be demonized, and men will be passive aggressive, like steers, in the face of this Jew Filth.

I say passive aggressive because what is desperately needed is overwhelming VIOLENCE against this sort of Jew-driven disruption and disturbance. That includes the judges, legislators, academics, and the cops who defend them instead of the victims of Jewish crime.

So many necks need to be stretched..... BTW, fuck off Mustang. You sucker of Jewish cocks. Let the SHOAH begin!

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Apply the Loretta Test:

"I cannot have babies, but I have the right to have babies.
Therefore I must go and protest these attacks on my rights."

Life Lessons for Men from Loretta

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