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[Response] Woman Realises She Will Never Find A Man, And She Is Not Happy

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Published on 20 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

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DutchCobbler 28 days ago

They make themselves unattractive just so they can complain about being unattractive. I also really detest this childish language women use, like 'catch feelings' or 'Netflix and chill'. It comes off as weaselly and shady.

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Mustang 29 days ago

I think CoachGregAdams refers to these women has "49's". 4's who think they are 9's.

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Bad Apple
Bad Apple 29 days ago

Men don't need a "female" to succeed in life, having kids is not a sign of success for men. Being happy in your own skin and actually enjoying your existence, tends to be the real reward.

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InfiniteMushroom 29 days ago

Deep down, women want a man they can both fear and worship. If such a god-man reciprocates, suddenly he is an ordinary man. She sees him as equal and thus, less than her.

Thanks to democracy and the Jew Mind Virus, such great men are extremely scarce and Heroes in the classic sense simply cannot exist. Gentlemen cannot duel to uphold their honor nor can they slay the rascals who might slander them. The Police State protects the (((Shylock))) who would rob him of his craft or scandalize his women for the sake of ill-gotten profit.

Jewish social engineering has carefully analyzed Western social habits over the past century and scientifically designed the Jews' Paradise to destroy the social order and culture that Whites need in order to thrive. Men and women have instincts that cannot find a socially suitable outlet or approved form of expression and that is by (((THEIR))) design.

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SOUKadath 29 days ago

Man... you had such a good start and RUINED it with the Jew hate.

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InfiniteMushroom 28 days ago

@SOUKadath: The opening statement was the current situation but, it is important to dig deeper and find the causes. Your thoughtcrime circuit breakers will trip but, you must overpower your Pavlovian training and continue on. Dare to read what Jews say among themselves about non-Jews (Goyim aka you and me) and you'll have no problem with calling them out. You'll learn to hate them as they absolutely HATE you. When Jews OPENLY and with NO FILTER are constantly calling for WHITE GENOCIDE, then you'll know which side to be on. Far from ruined, I perfected the comment by showing both the problem and the cause.

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