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[Response] My Boyfriend Doesn-t Love Me Ladies Are Upset That Men Are Not Stepping Up For Them

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Published on 28 Aug 2021 / In Film & Animation

Mty Boyfriend doesn't love me! lol! this coming from the fefailk species that are injcapable of Love nether lone being able to work out it's boyfriend doesn't love her anymore! Woinder Why? The fefail at the beginning is "REPULSIVE"!

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gchase 3 months ago

She's lucky she's getting as much as the 'bare minimum!' As if she brings any value into a man's life.

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Coeus 3 months ago

The first "woman" seemed to be going as far out of her way to be as unappealing to men as possible, from her appearance, to her attitude, and even to the editing. So, as an intellectual exercise, I tried to come up with the most unappealing way a man could present himself to a woman: a scrapbook of a collection of daisies. Organized by prime numbers.

Picture our first date: “Heeeeey! Howzit goin’? Let me show you my SCRAPBOOK! Page 1; TWO DAISIES! Page 2; THREE DAISIES! Page 3; FIVE DAISIES! Page 4; SEVEN DAISIES! Page 5; ELEVEN DAISIES! Heeeeey, where are you goin’, it’s only been a minute...”

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InfiniteMushroom 3 months ago

Right off the bat, so much wrong with this thot.

Tattoos. High n' tight lesbian haircut. Tank top. Barely any makeup. ... and THEN she opens her filthy Jewish mouth.
I guaran-goddamn-tee you she's a fucking JEWESS. I can smell the Gefilte Fish through the monitor. Those demonic Jewish eyes and Jewish arrogance are unmistakable. Ranting about men who won't stoop to what she has to offer and tries to flip it. Claiming that we can't measure up.

Remember..., Hell and all the dysfunction it represents is the Jews' Paradise. Only Jews and their Shabbos Goy camp followers find it healthy to be well adjusted to insanity. 2+2=5 , just sayin'

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sauger1001 3 months ago

Well, she can always teach her cats to speak Yiddish, while she gets drunk on wine. Lol.

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