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{Response}-Fiancé’s Baby Might Be Chad’s!

Ribby The Party Frog
Published on 19 Sep 2022 / In Comedy

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Mustang 2 months ago

Just another reason to go Monk Mode.

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After SHE fails the paternity test....

At the hospital just after giving birth - "You have been fucking around with other guys - this child is not mine - you have been lying to me all along - you are no longer my partner and you are not coming home with me - so you had better call him to ask him to come and pick you up, because you are going to go and live with him".

It's a totally fair call.

"When the tree comes down on your head, remember, you were the one who chose to cut it down that way".

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

Damn, these videos remind me why going monk mode is the wisest choice!

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sauger1001 2 months ago

Hey simp! Time to DTB (Leykis)!

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