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Red Pilled Journeys: An Interview with MGTOW Dictionary

Published on 10 Dec 2019 / In Non-profits & Activism

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Jaguar Media. In today's livestreaming, I will be interviewing MGTOW Dictionary. We will be discussing red-pill and black-pill epistemology across a broad range of topics from forbidden archaeology, simulation theory, theological topics, and the sexual market place value in relation to face and LMS, genetics and the scientific method. I would love to thank the MGTOW dictionary for making time to appear on the show. Please like, share and subscribe to his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsCd...

Also please feel free to download his phone app. Now available on Android and Apple devices. MGTOW dictionary is happy to take voice recordings and additional terms for his work at mgtow.dictionary@gmail.com.
Welcome to the show. Where we get to hang out and talk about different topics with like-minded people.

* BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/vx5c...
* MINDS: https://www.minds.com/bachelorjaguar/

Email: menacemedia101@gmail.com (for discord link requests)

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KEEPER 1 year ago

MGTOW dictionary is a lie. And continuously lies about other MGTOW. he will call others fake MGTOW. But he's the fake one and has an history of this, there is plenty of information out here that proves this.

I don't blame you menace for not knowing this information as I remember you have said in the past your not MGTOW and wouldn't likely have this knowledge.

But I also understand your just the interviewer here.

Now there are some things he talked about that are correct, but you must understand he has a narrative to push. However the issue most MGTOW have with him is because he lures men into his app which he's used to doxx these men.

So I would stay on the side of caution as some ppl follow him blindly and end up getting burned. So just keep your distance.

I don't believe in censorship so I don't wish to shut him down, we are MGTOW we are not YouTube when it comes down to censorship.

However I have no qualms about ignoring the guy. Especially since the majority of his content is meant to be negativity based and to doxx.

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I gotchya. I heard that he has doxed other people and tried to in the past as well. Not just from one source but a few. I don't have direct contact with the guy and I don't plan on confronting him per se if others have evidence that I don't have. Thanks for the heads up

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