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Real Men Do Not Find Independent Women Attractive - MGTOW - Red Pill (TikTok) #shorts

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Published on 06 Oct 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣Real Men Do Not Find Independent Women Attractive - MGTOW - Red Pill (TikTok) #shorts

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DutchCobbler 2 months ago

What is it with thots and awful music. That was like auto-tune circus music.

Anyway, the only time men feel threatened by women is when she's got him by the balls in one sense or another (like she's his wife and about to ruin him in family court). Her success doesn't intimidate anyone; we aren't threatened, we just aren't interested. Independent women are aren't even independent, they're propped up by grants, programs, scholarships, quotas, and even lower fitness standards in jobs like law enforcement. Men are in this race on unicycles while women blast around on quads and call it equality.

They aren't fooling anyone; trying to call men intimidated by their independence is just another cope.

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I have met some women fresh from tribal Africa and they are all family and kids and being a good wife....

They are the asset on the other side of the see saw.

The modern western women - "Hey look at my Jaa Jaa Du More Rubber Dick Collection"

Boxes of cask whine and cats and no cots full of babies and no man in the bed.

Success Against the Oppression of the Patriarchy.

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