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Rapid-Fire Philosophy! Wednesday Night Live 3 Aug 2022

Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux
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Published on 04 Aug 2022 / In People & Blogs

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux aims his philosophical expertise at a wide variety of listener questions, including:

If your definition of love is 'an involuntary response to virtue' and virtue is defined as 'behaviour of high moral standards'. then because higher mammals are capable of basic morality as part of their social behaviour, it then follows that animals can be rudimentary virtuous and therefore can be loved. The difference is that the moral standards of an animal like a dog or a rat are imposed by a trainer, rather than by moral reasoning like in some humans.

In a way governments are already in a state of anarchy to each other. do you think a viable way forward is for people to just move instead of bothering with democratic process? wont that make the governments wake up and start to compete for citizens?

About the relationship reality, you give advice to young men and women. But what advice do you have for men who are over 45 without resources and without children and women who are over 40 without children?

In my experience human beings are hierarchical creatures. We naturally create hierarchies in just about any context. My question is, or questions are, rather, how does/would upb operate inside a hierarchy, would upb maintain or undermine one how would different people with different levels of seniority interact with one another in a family/ community/ work/ society/ &c?

Baby talk. Is it of any benefit to talk to babies in a "baby voice"?
I personally think it's a bit strange as babies are intelligent should be spoken to as such

Could you maybe give us some life lessons on working hard? I'm talking working tirelessly up to the point of exhaustion on a daily basis. Do you have any techniques to be ever-resistant to burnout? (Context: I'm in tech; and I wanna start my own SaaS company)

What do you say to people who lack motivation, goals and purpose in life?

Why do Christian’s sing?

You’ve said in the past that memes can really capture the cultural zeitgeist. What do you think about doing a meme review of listener submitted memes?

what is your take on John Rawls theory of justice? This is what this left use to justify many of their woke ideas

how do you heal significant trust issues from being tricked and abused by a narcissist? - I myself have been tricked by a woman who seemed perfect the first 1.5 - 2 years, but then proceeded to turn into the narcissistic monster she really was. I now fear that every woman I encounter also is a potential narcissist in disguise, as I was not able to see any significant warning signs before I was in too deep with my now ex-girlfriend. Any tips or insights on this would be much appreciated.

With UPB and a free society, is there a possible down side ??
Imagine, _ In 300 yrs, if children were parented well and the Capitalist System worked in a reasonable Free/Open fashion.
Could society then implode because of a lack of abrasive / resistances ??
A lack of opposites ??
What I’m teasing at;
Q; Is UPB a Utiopian Ideal??
If it was ever realised fully enmass _ could there be a huge negative reaction & consequences because UPB could flatten the polarity of opposites and remove necessary resistances ??

There is the Analogy that it takes 3 generations to make & loose a fortune.
My point is, how would UPB effect the polarity of opposites and is it desirable to aim at a philosophy that could possibly flatten and level out society & culture too much ??

_ IE; If you remove the rock, would sisyphus keep pushing up the hill ??
Or would he look for a new object of resistance??
I understand if this is too wordy and too much abstraction !

Is hope good? Or does hoping for a good future prevent you from creating one?

Do you still plan on playing Unreal Tournament 2004 with us? If so, when? Sounds like a lot of fun, one of my favorite games ever! Thanks for all that you teach us Stef.

Would it be misleading for an atheist convert to Christianity to meet good people and potential partners?

if forgiveness is only possible with restitution, what restitution exists for a stolen childhood?

When should you intervene or use force against others? How do you find that line? Suppose we live in a future free society and there is a small tribe or group of people that isolate themselves. We suspect they are committing heinous acts upon their own people, abusing children for example. At what point do you intervene? If they were raping or murdering it might be obvious that they have crossed the line, but what if they are verbally abusing their children? Where is the line between letting people raise kids as they see fit and needing to step in to protect the innocent?

You mentioned a few shows ago how important it is to men be aware of their mating displays (car, hair, clothes and etc). Does that also applies to social media? I'm asking because I don't really like them, I don't even have an account in broadcast-based networks like Facebook or Instagram.
Is this b....

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