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"Please Marry Me, I'm NOT a Feminist Anymore!" Modern Woman Hits the Wall & NOW Willing to Cooperate

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Published on 28 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

"Please Marry Me, I'm NOT a Feminist Anymore!" Modern Woman Hits the Wall & NOW Willing to Cooperate
#ModernWomen #ToxicFemininity #SubmissiveWomen

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NoFemVAL 2 months ago

that bitch has really low standards now !! hahahahahahhaaha.

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boby 2 months ago

U're no longer a feminist we're no longer simps so best of luck.
We didn't want that it was your choice. We've moved on and u have to lay in the bed u made for yourself.

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Maxxx 2 months ago

Enjoy your long miserable existence with your cats, hope it was worth it!

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

If she wants a husband, she needs a massive makeover. Coming to the camera with barely any hair, no fake up, and a T-shirt doesn't attract a man of any quality.

Women who are dolled up are common and usually behave as disgusting thots. Women who are dolled up AND have the right frame of mind are scarce.

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And what was she like when she was a FEMINIST?
What was she doing to DRIVE all the decent men away?
And why is it now, when she has no options left, that she has decided that a man, any man, and marriage, is better than NO man - which up until recently, was just fucking dandy with her?
When she goes and smashes all her great feminist mentors in the head with a house brick, for being the lying, life destroying cunts that they are, then her new found convictions will carry some weight.
Until then it's just, "Oh poor me, I was so wrong, I am now left on the shelf with no man, marriage or children... - please someone save me from the consequences of my own decisions".

The feminist thinking is much like pointing out that the racing car has no fire extinguisher.
To which those with the feminist mentality will reply, "Why does it need a fire extinguisher? It's not on fire now."

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nest006 2 months ago

What's that I hear? The world's smallest violin. Zero fucks given, and she would change back to her militant persona as soon as she conned a man to marry her with bait and switch.

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BornMGTOWHatedByAll 2 months ago

I am smiling so wide, right now. Revenge feels SOOO GOOD!!!

   4    0
SOUKadath 2 months ago

GAWD that whimpering got old fast!

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red maple
red maple 2 months ago

Feminist tears are so delicious

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