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Post Wall After 35 Hardships They Don't Want To Talk About (Analysis)

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Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In Film & Animation

Casual Bachelor

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Are you some kind of drug fucked arsehole or something? 10 retarded cunts were bagging the shit out of Richard Cooper, and since he wasn't around to defend himself, and I was, I stood up to these low IQ retards and told them to just fuck right off.

And YOU you fucking retard, went right through the list and did your "I dislike this comment" times 10.....

Drug fucked idiot.

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CasualBachelor 6 months ago

Don't have a heart attack big guy.

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SchemeHub 6 months ago

Man, not even going to click the video... because a woman over 30 should be rendered invisible.

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TFMsCousinDre 6 months ago

No, let the woke flow through these women. Men save yourself, the future is ours if we outlast the collapse. Cheers gents!

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AbyssWatcher 6 months ago

lmao she talks like a nigerian. These "stronk independent wamen" must pay for their decisions. Their suffering gives me great pleasure. Why?? Because I believe The Most High is rolling His Judgement upon them for their evil and treasonous actions

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sauger1001 6 months ago

Sheng Nu (Replicant Fish).

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Menwalkaway 6 months ago

Haha Life sucks then you Die


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Hammerhead69 6 months ago

Small tits don't bug me it's the attitude from these weak stupid whores who can't find their asses with both hands.

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RoboCat 6 months ago

Excellent point. Every man has preferences of some type but no man wants a cheating, spoiled, inept, self-indulgent child that only brings problems and rarely brings anything to justify it. I'd take an ugly woman that I could count on to be loyal, that will try to help or at least not get in the way, that will make long/hard days worth it as long as I got home to her. Small tits, no tits, one tit, it's all good if she knows how to use it (I love big tits though).

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anonmachina 6 months ago

@RoboCat: ' I'd take an ugly woman that I could count on to be loyal, that will try to help or at least not get in the way, that will make long/hard days worth it as long as I got home to her'. Who would have thought that so pedestrian a desire would STILL be unattainable? But, we are living it. I committed to monkhood till death long ago.

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Mustang 6 months ago

Would somebody please explain to me why flat chested women insist on wearing low cut tops to show off their Non-existent titts???

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Piman 6 months ago

They're probably guys.

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RoboCat 6 months ago

My observation of that is that it's caused by two things. One is the constant misinformation that those women are getting from other women but also from desperate men that tell them that it looks "great", the second reason is because they think it looks good even on flat chested women because "it shows skin" or some shit like that. This isn't like fat women that are actively disgusting, it's more like the emperor has no clothes.

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4_ArchAngel 6 months ago

I sympathise. It is SO difficult NOT to be haels in ";wonder";. The SIMP, fuck U assholes, U still donate to support her. Hey, content creator, the ontological argument should hold to YOU. Men should be allowed to kill their sick seed.

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James1225 6 months ago

When the oasis has dried up, don’t expect a rainstorm. Lol

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 6 months ago

Can you confirm that you are the CB of YT so I can upgrade you to PRO? Simply give us a shout out in one of your videos or do a community post pointing to us. Let me know.

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