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Published on 19 Nov 2022 / In Film & Animation

⁣⁣Pra quem quiser jogos grátis e de forma legal (EVIL DEAD jogo do mês)


É senhores o mundo queria o SEXO como o seu Deus, e o resultado vemos no dia a dia

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Oh god - fuck really.....
This is the worst of both worlds.
A stupid woman with a stupid gimmick.

Oh Deus - foda-se mesmo.....
Este é o pior dos dois mundos.
Uma mulher estúpida com um truque estúpido.

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Nikaido 2 months ago

yeah man, sodom and gomorrah, nothing close to the present times

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@Nikaido: "A stupid woman with a stupid gimmick." - stuck up her fucking arse. Jesus Fuck - you know. What next? A plastic glow in the dark wedding ring for 50c from a coin egg machine? "Oh Wow I am so stunning and brave!" How come these fucking halfwit women with things shoved up their arses, can't harvest olives, repair tractors, plough fields, look after live stock, grow crops and vegetables and feed an extended family? No they just shove stupid shit up their arses, advertise it, and think they are amazing. I just want to throw rocks at them. "Study the fucking maths books - Do something USEFUL for a fucking change!"

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yaakov 2 months ago

Fogo no rabo já vi agora luz no rabo?

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Niilistapill 2 months ago


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BangDarrell 2 months ago

O Brasil está indo na mesma sintonia de depravação sexual do ocidente

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