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Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW
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Published on 27 Jun 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣"Rioters threatened this family. They were breaking windows. So the father did what he had to do to protect his loved ones. He drove through the anarchists with his truck. This happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One could argue that he did the right thing." ~Sammy Morifi

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vtrmgtow 4 days ago

I love scenes like this.

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cantaffordher 10 days ago

" could I get hurt? I'm 150 lbs standing in front of a moving 10 ton truck. I don't get it!"

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GhebberEl 14 days ago


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VaperGamer 16 days ago

run them over... pedal to the metal to the devil and to the other metal... fuck these genetic failures

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BitHound 16 days ago

LMAO, what do expect is going to happen when you block a truck and a mob is trying to break windows, there is only one thing you can do and that's floor it, if there dumb enough to jump in front of a truck they deserve to suffer the consequences..... Personally I think they got off easy with only being run over....... Phuckin idiot's

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Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW 16 days ago

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Councilof1 16 days ago


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Such a Shame
Such a Shame 16 days ago

Real life GTA/Carmageddon.

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Toki 15 days ago

GTA has law enforcement though.

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Lestat_Cowalski 16 days ago

A estupidez já começa por socarem a janela, de vidro, e vão machucar mais as próprias mãos do que qualquer outra coisa. Quanta burrice!
Tem um ali que foi socar a janela do carro, um com mochila vermelha nas costas... aquilo é uma bambi! kkkkkkkkkkkkk Óh o jeito que dá soco! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ... E as duas atropeladas, quero mais que se fodam!

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Arealgoodusername 17 days ago

Natural Selection at its finest.

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hurgfer 17 days ago

Imagina se fosse um trator de esteira!

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