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⁣Pineapple Express Exposes Inept Military Leadership | Grunt Speak Highlights

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Published on 09 Sep 2021 / In Comedy

When retired veterans have to bail out the people left for dead in a war zone, something is rotten in Washington DC.

#GruntSpeakLive #Afghanistan #PineappleExpress
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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

College ROTC, as a source for new ossifers, needs to be eliminated. How can you get good officers from hopelessly corrupt institutions? America's institutions of Higher Education are totally Judaized and full of Woke shit. This has been going on for DECADES actually and our colleges were in a crisis condition in the 1980's. But,now the corpse of ZOG education is dead and stinking up the place.

We are seeing the fall of America in REAL TIME.

One would think that Annapolis and West Point would be sheltered from the Jew Mind Virus but, even those institutions are polluted. Those military colleges were once wells that our Armed Forces drank from and received new blood. Yet, those wells are poisoned. In medieval times, Jews poisoned the water wells. In modern times, Jews poison the institutions that society drinks from. The dead bodies of fallen institutions are everywhere. And TRUST itself, the very life air of a healthy society, is poisoned.

Jews still poison the wells.

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Hairy Monkey
Hairy Monkey 1 month ago

"Starship Troopers" (the book) for the win

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eldrazi317 1 month ago

Reminds me of Ender’s game, that’s a good book too!

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lyhyemmat 1 month ago

It makes no sense what you say, it doesn't match reality.

Why would a COMMUNIST state ever promote MERITOCRACY in their army? they are the absolute opposite.
They stand for equality AGAINST any natural selection or hard work.

To be honest, it's absurd. SOCIALIST regimes are famous for their internal loyalty purges.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

The USSR and Red China need a competent armed forces for political reasons. In the book, "MiG Pilot," the Russian Air Force officer who defected to Japan in 1976 pointed out the stark dichotomy between the sciences and social/economic affairs in the USSR. The Soviet military industrial complex had no tolerance for communism because it doesn't work in a mathematics and physics environment . It's the social/economic part of communism that is open to whatever Marxist bullshit the Jews can impose upon it. HOWEVER, at least the USSR and Red China greatly mitigated the bad parts of communism by being very nationalist. The Soviets and Chinese would NEVER have tolerated the 3rd world immigration that is being imposed upon the White West by Jewish and Catholic social service agencies. ZOG-U.S. and the Western nations held hostage to us are going hard core into White Genocide and feminist insanity. Again, such would NEVER have happened in the old USSR and is certainly NOT TOLERATED in Red China. Oh, BTW, hurrah for the Taliban!!!! They are PURGING the Jew-feminist FILTH out of Afghanistan!

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 1 month ago

It is reminiscent of "I am the very model of a modern major-general" in the Pirates of Penzance. We remind everyone that it was a product of some particularly satire of Gilbert and Sullivan. United States Generals are the laughingstock of China and the Taliban. Pretty sure Russia isn't much impressed either. You had one job: Defend your country. Incompetent. No integrity. Honestly, this is insane.

Or perhaps, more aptly, especially for the Admirals, they polished up the handle on the front door:


Either way, thoroughly modern Milley is a joke, unfit for protecting us. Let's hope he can't protect his career as he attempts to understand white rage. We know white rage. That's what we have towards him.

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jim bennett
jim bennett 1 month ago

Not born in America? deport!

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

That would've worked before 1965. Now that ZOG-U.S. is a racial goulash and Jews' Paradise, being born here means nothing. American citizenship is a stupid joke since any Tamil and Harambe can get it by simply demanding it . We need to restore the pre-1965 demographics. THEN the birthright citizenship would make sense.

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