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Piers Morgan STUNNED As Candace Owens LASHES OUT Over His Vaccine Stance

Published on 17 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

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Things got heated when Candace Owens spoke with Piers Morgan about his previous stance on vaccines.

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Toki 21 days ago

Candace barking again huh? Woof woof. Better calm down or that hairhat might fall off.

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WMHarrison94 27 days ago

The side effects are not the advwrse effects: Those are the intended wffects. They are slowky leaking the Truth because God El of Israel requires them the Demonic to tell us what they are doing. They odten do this in fiction, especially in horror, SciFi, and Fantasy novels, movies, comics, and series. They also wrongly believe they can lie for a while about something say Hunter's laptop for three or four years and then come clean not getting the negative Karma from their lying... DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY. THEIR CLIMATE CHANGE is killing ypu, us, 99.999% of the world populations and haifus are on the top of the list about capable alpha males... they let the alpha fails live though... my guess trying to subvert what alpha males are by blending them with alpha fails and tradcucks...

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