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Petition · Justice For Mia Khalifa ?

Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW
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Published on 29 Jun 2020 / In Film & Animation

⁣Petition · Justice For Mia Khalifa ?

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AmanleyLoad 15 days ago

You go into a satanic ran industry and then complain....... just another regret story

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AmanleyLoad 15 days ago

nice upload Wasserman. I literally didn't even expect the amount of luxury she had. I know the porn industry is brutal but i suppose she gets extra marks to piss off the Muslims. personally I think thats the only reason why she was pushed to be famous. ZIonists laughing at Muslims. JMI

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Wassermann MGTOW
Wassermann MGTOW 15 days ago

@AmanleyLoad: She has a lot of money, now she's regret, but I don't fucking care, enjoy your dirty money Mia.

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BigBrianUK 15 days ago

Oh, the poor baby!

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Magnum 15 days ago

True victims are the guys who jerked off constantly to porn movies to the point of having no energy to get out of a shit life. She regret just for being the world's most famous bitch...

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DJ Griffin
DJ Griffin 15 days ago

Well done, to me it's somewhat similar to women that cry that they are victims of rape by men in positions of wealth, power, or fame. When asked when these "rapes" occurred they always will throw out a date that's decades ago......

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RoboCat 16 days ago

Yes, what she's saying is bullshit as all the facts show but it's even wrorse than it sounds; She was already a pretty well known filthy slut long before she made her debut on the internet. I don't have the details but Mia Khalifa was exactly the type of gutter trash that you'd expect would end up putting a price tag on her ass for all to see.... it's no surprise that that's exactly what happened. Cause---->effect.

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Radical_panda 16 days ago
she says she got paid about 12k for all the porn she did. trying to be a victim but there still smiles on every photo

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Ray26 16 days ago

lol so many guys paying for porn than it's free

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john locke
john locke 16 days ago

Wtf. So 7 gets fucked and films it and this is what she earns. Ok

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VaperGamer 16 days ago

this is such bullshit... some mediocre looking mudslime prostitute spread her legs and got all this money...

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Bill Gates Melindrado
Bill Gates Melindrado 16 days ago

Estou velho ... não conheço essa atriz ... Sou do tempo da Tracy Lords, Nina Hartley e Rocco

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Gengis 16 days ago

Ela deve estar realmente muito depressiva com o sucesso dos seus filmes. O que será que ela quer mais, além dos U$35 milhões de patrimônio? Uma taxa para cada punheta dedicada à imagem dela? huahuauhahua

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