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Paralyzed after 2nd COVID shot

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Published on 30 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

Local woman couldn't move from the neck down less than 24 hours after Pfizer vaccination. (https://bit.ly/3vs7eQs)

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Maxxx 6 days ago

She's brainwashed well.

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SQUEAK077 8 days ago

She reminds me of women in college who could not pass the tests to become an LPN or RN. A friend who is a teacher at a local college over dosed a patient. Simple math who passes these people. FDA has not even approved this and look at what happened to men and women in the military who were forced to take the anthrax vax and another vax later soldiers got gulf war syndrome. I remember a man who was on a ship and was navy at that time and later went to college he was in my class and he had to quit over his headaches and migraines. These fucking doctors all need to be lined up. They care nothing for patients. Look at the doctor years ago in florida who stopped prescribing medication. Her patients started getting better and found out it was the medication causing the symptoms. She lost her license due to the pharma company went after her. Does anyone remember those people from cruise ships say they were sick and put in a hotel? Looking back remembering all actors.

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KEEPER 9 days ago

the vaccines are all completely experimental! this means you are the guinea pig they are testing it on first.
why would you sign up for this?

the argument i see most of the time is, well i didn't get sick and my co-workers are doing fine....
yeah, because everybody's immune system is unique and everyone responds differently to it.
this doesn't mean take it at all costs, as there can be irreversible effects that come later, especially the more they take the shots.

it could be 2 to 6 months before effects could take place in someone's body, some ppl it's more immediate like after taking their first shot or getting the next one, the point is, it causes effects that can weaken your immune response the more you take it.

like i wish ppl would be smart about this, i wish ppl would stop and think things through and stop this "listen and believe" bullshit. stop being so fucking trusting of the government, they obviously don't have this shit handled and they put out the vaccines under Experiential so they won't get sued if anything were to go wrong for any reason.

just use some fucking common sense for once in your life!

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TelepathicRapist 9 days ago

this woman is a liar I keep watching her move her hands in the video. I like how this is another sympathy ploy. Literally states in the video "we need to give the government more funding" this means more taxes LOL! BRUH! I mean give me a break. More money is the last thing the government needs, they need to tighten their belts. I bet you if i came in the room with another Pfizer covid vaccine in my hand and started to move toward her she would suddenly be able to run haha.

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Menwalkaway 9 days ago

Sorry not Sorry Sheeple

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