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Old lady complaining bout her options

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Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

she old lol

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Amanley Load
Amanley Load 4 months ago

She is the pissed off one cuz she spent all that time getting ready, well maybe if she was real it wouldnt take half the day to get ready. This actually shows how important this is for her. The anticipation of excitement and the prospect of "not being alone" hahahha was let down and this is just a childish response. Maybe try being a real human instead of the image of mainstream media and instasluts at the age of wall hitting frustration she lashes out at ALL men over 1 DATE!!! 1 DATE!!!.

Lad mainstream media is portraying this almost everytime i see it when eating my food. MANY times i have seen women take 1 incident and say its ALL MEN. They are promoting schizophrenic paranoia as the norm

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SIGMA78 4 months ago

Too late for her because she received the options based on her poor choices.

She’s not even capable of making good choices..

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mrghoster 4 months ago

MEN are learning how to date via women by the sounds of it? lol! as for options? they have every privilege, Option and Entitlement unlike any human in existence yet they still complain. she didn't like it when a Guy did what she probably often does to guy's?

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Councilof1 4 months ago

She can't even see her good day's in the rearview mirror.

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LoboBlanco 4 months ago


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the red path
the red path 4 months ago

every man has experienced it at least 1232131321 times and when she gets it once, she is already complaining? making a movie about that? STFU!

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Mgtow_economics 4 months ago

This old hag has seen it all. Dude probably dodged a knife in his back in the middle of the night.

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GhostPlodderES 4 months ago

Oh baby, those days are long gone! Fuck you and the broom you flew in on.

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Mgtow_economics 4 months ago

"And the broom you flew in on." Lol! I'm using that in general parlance from now on.

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Generationless 4 months ago

He learned it from women. Before I found the red pills, that was the norm that I would receive.

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