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Old Karen gets upset over a man driving a gas guzzling truck.


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Published on 21 Jan 2022 / In Other

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HairlessMonkey 4 months ago

I would have tased her if she mad a grab at me like that. And it's one of those old tasers that leave you loopy for 5-10 minutes... well, in her case more loopy, thinking she has a right to put her hands on anyone.

   0    0
bigintol03 4 months ago

Punch the old bitch in the mouth!

   1    0
NoFemVAL 4 months ago

shoot that old cunt

   2    0
Generationless 4 months ago

He could always pull the nozzle out and start spraying her. "How about a little fire Scarecrow?"

   7    0
Drums_McBashington 4 months ago

It sounds like he started mid conversation, she probably started yelling a few yards back.

   6    0
sauger1001 4 months ago

She was probably yelling the moment she climbed out of bed.

   4    0
Drums_McBashington 4 months ago

@sauger1001: One thumb is not enough.

   2    0
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