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Old Bitter Women - Episode 21


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The Lone Wolf
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Published on 09 Jan 2022 / In Other

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Leader_Desslok 4 months ago

There are better ways to die than at the hands of a toothless old hag ! I think that i will go throw up now ! Thanks for the disgusting visual !

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Hard hairy big pack
Hard hairy big pack 4 months ago

These bitter 40+ women usually have management positions and take out their bitterness at the young subordinate men and fire them for no reason if she can sense the slightest of red pill vibes. I've been there, it sucks.

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mrghoster 5 months ago

Living without a MAN is a Black abyss to a fefail, yet the older Guy living without a fefail is in Heaven usually doing all HE want's to do uninterrupted by the fefails misery! lol!

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sauger1001 5 months ago

Who designed your cartoon at the end? Gecko Ninja?

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Mr_Sluggo 5 months ago

Geriatric sex??? Awww HELL NO!!!!

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