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Published on 11 Jan 2021 / In Science & Technology

The risks inherited by modern as opposed to classic nomads.

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Lucifer333 8 months ago

what is this bullshit? you are an american , not nordic,

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charliebrownau 8 months ago

zeitgeisteater :
Have you looked into LOCAL CURRENCY to supplment and replace STATE Central bank Currency

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charliebrownau 8 months ago

Japan Hotels Commerical Industry was getting outdone by AirBnB and Backpackers,
so they demanded the STATE remove compition

I used AirBnB + Backpackers in Japan on two trip

2 weeks after my 2nd trip japan 'out lawed' it

If I was to return to Japan I would look into a 2nd hand VAN or Stealth camping

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charliebrownau 8 months ago

The only Solution I see is

Small United Community Township

* Small Town
* Small Rural Community
* Remote Trading outpost
* Eco Village - 25-250-1000 people

- Border Wall
- Barb Wire
- Moat
- Security/Guards/Towers
- Main Gate/Entry/choke point
- Setup to be a protected zone/No go zone

* Local Community
* United on Common cause/values/belief system
* Local Currency
* Local Barter
* Local Trade
* Local Farming
* Local Production
* Local Manfactoring
* Local Communications
* Local Borders/Barb Wire/Moats

Self Rialance
Self DIY/Making

Local Power Grid
Local Phone Grid
Local Tram/tran system
Local Sewer
Local Water
Local Recyling + Waste
Local Bank

No 'free' trade
No Corporations
No State/No Welfare

Everyone held the SAME EXACT STANDARD
No more pussy pass
Men in charge over 35 years old

No soy/Vegans
No cucks
No Single mothers
No Leftists/sjw/feminists
Pro freedom only


No State
No pussy pass
No Welfare
No fait currency
No Usry
No Central banks
No taxation

No min wage
No pregant pay
No sick pay

No jewish power
No anti ethnic nationalism
No Anti men
No forced intergration
No unlimited open borders

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Lucifer333 8 months ago

and you are a mechanical engineer going to make all this happen , oh wait you are that lazy entitled piece of scum who cant even read a college textbook on your own? "someone not me" solve this problem..

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charliebrownau 8 months ago

Females Never want to take action and agency over their own lifes

Your mother has a choice


Leave Diversity Multi racial Enriched Cities

Find cheaper renting in RURAL, REMOTE , Outback, right wing only, white only townships
if she is non white
return to country of origin

If she hasnt much shit
Check out VAN LIFE

Heck even check out ECO VILLAGES

on the CCTV camera site of things
get a solar wireless wifi camera

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charliebrownau 8 months ago

Are you willing to use Gab + Minds + Bitchute ?

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charliebrownau 8 months ago

Most of these 'gig economy' jobs are controlled by - Centralised, Anti White, Leftist, Anti Nationalist run Zionist/Commies/Marxists

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charliebrownau 8 months ago

Most Nomads seem to be Anti Nationalist White leftists

They have no loyality to
- Patriotism
- Nationalism
- Community
- Family

They leave Global Left authorian shithole cities and states with
high taxation
anti business 'laws'
to goto third world shitholes with cheaper cost of living
and less regulation

Yet its the same FUCKWITS that would demand

Higher Min wage
Less Tax
More benfits
free heathcare
while in Western/EU nations

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Lucifer333 8 months ago

if white nationalism means i have to feed retarded welfare hungry fuckers like you , then no, but... soon we will have robots and ai police, and then we can defend a piece of land from all scum, espcially the ones using their white skincolor as a cloak to get to my shit

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