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NollaGirl504 Shows Her True Colors | By Victor Knight | MGTOW

Published on 29 Oct 2020 / In Film & Animation

This video is made by Victor Knight, however NollaGirl504 false flagged it for supposed harassment, proving once again that NAWALT's don't exist. They're wolves in sheep's clothing.
Let's show some unity against these false flaggin' bitches!

Victor Knight

NollaGirl504 throwing false accusations:

TIP JAR: https://www.paypal.me/TopDolla....rGangster?locale.x=e

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Iknewit 1 month ago

IMHO Nola is on YT to prep for cashing out her baby daddy to bounce and monkey branch to a new one. Probably a white one this time. NOTE: baby seat, boob tattoo, and heavy makeup. However, the good news is, she is a MGTOW maker. So I hope she finds the Chad of her dreams. In about ten years we will take another into the fold. Probably more. She has a smoking hot costume. She can pull far more than she wants. Looking forward to her " all men are trash " video.

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Bagoodman 1 month ago

On the video she proves herself to be a FAKE MGTOW supporter. She says ( maybe your Dad left you as a Baby. Maybe he was a MGTOW ! ).. Proving her Disdain For mgtow . Case Closed .

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Malkav Saiya Yautja
Malkav Saiya Yautja 1 month ago

A snake will always be a snake.

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theWarrior 1 month ago

Read the Predatory female. They will become chameleon's to get validation and attention and your money/ resources. She is not living what she is talking. 1st of all, her husband is OBVIOUSLY a Simp because no Man should allow his wife to speak to so many Men on Men's issues. Why can't he do it himself or with her? She is obviously the male in her marriage. She's getting these Simps attention; time; and money from being monetized. The guys watching her videos are stuck between the red pill and blue pill and also just want to hit that puddy. She's eye candy and talks tough, but is in disguise. -the Warrior

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Mgtow_economics 1 month ago

The Predatory Female is an excellent book. Short and snappy, too.

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