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Never Trust Fugly Looking Jews


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Published on 13 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

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AdolfWasRight 2 months ago

Never ever trust any jews. Period.

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Dallas_LooksMaxxer 3 months ago

Amr, do you practice Taqiya when doing Yogi0abs mom for $75?

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roastbeefinspector 3 months ago

how else do you does she have him on speed dial

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Lucifer333 2 months ago

All muslims do taqiyya, they want us to hate the jews so they think we wont look when the muslims take over Europe

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csehszlovakze 3 months ago

crypto wasn't meant to be traded on (((exchanges)))... ever wondered why most of them banned Monero on the spot?

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AcquireZeal 3 months ago

Amr, please don't say these things about beauty reflecting God's preference for people. A certain comedienne fell and cracked her skull shortly after saying "Jesus loves me the most". We need good men like yourself to be around for the long haul.
I believe that beauty and ugliness are both given by God as a test of our moral fiber. Beauty tests men and women's chastity (and almost all women fail miserably), it tests men's virtue in that only a virtuous man would become competent in an honest profession when he can just coast on his looks, and it tests the people around them for their ability to be fair to one another and not show a material preference for the good-looking.
Ugliness tests one's moral fiber through abuse rather than temptation. Ugliness has driven people to become murderers, become mean due to how so many people have unfairly treated them, and, as you say, become scammy to get even with the world.

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NoFemVAL 3 months ago

Fucking sneaky jews

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