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Mother of the Year

Carl Wassermann
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Published on 23 Apr 2021 / In Pets & Animals

⁣Mother of the Year

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We don't want you back... Just saying.

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Pale_Profit 14 days ago

This is a disgrace. I am sickened

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bousso 14 days ago

man this is really sad and very disgusting , that boy is literally in hell.

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Necatoramericanus 14 days ago

"Look at all those trips"-"How do you get your money"-"Dont worry about it"- just realized she probably has the boy's father on alimony. So.. yeah, you pay so the mother of your kid can steal your family from you and have crazy sexual adventures with BBC's in the room beside your baby boy, nice and loud. I hope this boy find's the word of our savior TFM before he does something stupid

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ancientredpill 15 days ago

What a filthy pig she is hanging in the hood ,13 year old son being forced to see his filthy mother carrying on in the streets.
Remember these are the White trash that must be ostracized from the true White community. Here is some reverse Psychology
to comprehend, ever one of these Black dudes you see with a White women are cucked by her because they will do anything
to get that White P#ssy. The Black dudes have no self respect, they are blinded by their craving and really have no value to the
good Black community, they are as much trash as the White women they hang with.

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AbyssWatcher 16 days ago

this...was depressing to look at. this is wrong on so many levels. this is why men of integrity need to be careful where you plant your seed. Never be a slave to your sexual urges...or else you may end up having an innocent child with a public "bicycle" and your child would have to suffer like this....

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Max_Dominate 16 days ago

Filthy white trash. I feel so sorry for this boy. If he can hold on until he is 18yrs, he can escape and never look back.

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Malkav Saiya Yautja
Malkav Saiya Yautja 12 days ago

He can sue for emancipation at 16 and become an adult.

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Necatoramericanus 16 days ago


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Freshers 16 days ago

FUCKING DISGUSTING! Which one?? This red-pill hurts. Fuck these NIGGAS and Fuck the Simp men/government supporting these women. I hope these boys find this video in the future.

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Councilof1 16 days ago

She's disgusting and shouldn't be allowed near any children ever. I hope she suffers and dies from a horrible disease. Poor kid.

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TelepathicRapist 16 days ago

ohh man im at a loss for words.

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theWarrior 16 days ago

Yup. Son has to see and hear this shit (His mother getting gang banged in the living room). -the Warrior

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Furioso 16 days ago

She uses blue pilled good guys for her income and uses thugs bbc for sex (gangbang?) ,poor boy .Shame on her

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rrw5013 16 days ago

Call it a wild hunch, but I think I have a pretty good idea regarding the means by which this woman maintains an income.

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Malkav Saiya Yautja
Malkav Saiya Yautja 12 days ago


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