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Modern Dating Cure Ep 5

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Published on 13 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation
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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

Modern women are scarcely worth dating. Furthermore, the Black Pill holds sway even on this question.

Chad and Tyrone, of course, don't have to pay on a date. Women send all kinds of choosing signals and he doesn't have to feed her or buy her drinks to get laid.
Normies will have to pay and he is really dumpster diving for the privilege. The rules will apply to him in full.
Sub5's won't pay because, they can't play. Even if some miracle occurs and he gets a lunch date, the date will feel forced, fake, and a profound disappointment. He will be wishing to get back to his gaming console in the worst way. Just to feel like he is in control over something again.

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NoFemVAL 2 months ago

Haven't take a cunt on a "date" in 7 years.

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Mustang 2 months ago

24 for me. Don't miss it at all!!!

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SoloMan Zone
SoloMan Zone 2 months ago

Femons burn bright for breeding and then they fade.......that's about it

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AwfulDIGGER 2 months ago

That crossing the street skit was great. I miss The Man Show.

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