MIRRORED | MGTOW's Monetization Monkey & His Myriad Of Merry Men

Published on 07 Aug 2020 / In Film & Animation
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Pariah 3 months ago

I don't watch his sex toy reviews at all, because I'm just not interested in sex toys in general. But yes, I do think it's weird but I don't really care.
And I never see MGTOW as a community to begin with, more like a loose gathering of people with shared belief. The idea of men going their own way has very little to nothing to build community with. I don't even know what kind of belief or MGTOW lingo used within the MGTOW community. MGTOWs did called me a monk a few times due to how little I interact within the community or people in general. From what I see here, there are MGTOW preachers, Feminist Refugees, Lost Men, & Conflicted Men taking up the MGTOW space. Preachers want to create the community & set the rules. Feminist Refugees just call themselves MGTOW because they are seeking shelter & will ditch the label as soon as they find a girl to settle down with. Lost Men are lost confused in life, they can become incels or gays or whatever else later on if they didn't choose to become MGTOW. Conflicted Men call themselves MGTOW but didn't practice it or practicing contradictory ideals along with MGTOW ideology.
Since the old guards left, TFM is the only one who seems to show any of intellect than just finding a new way to say the exact same thing all the time. I do noticed him being a broken record as of late, but I have yet to find someone newer who can replace the old guards. Unless you know them, leave them name below & I'll check them out.

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Pu4__ 3 months ago

Maybe I don't get it, but I fail to see a problem. Yes, toys reviews and ladyboy stories are not for me. So what? You're worried this kind of content can scare people of? Well if a man is so blue-pilled that he decides to stay on the plantation just because some weirdo made sex-toy review than so be it. In my opinion people are searching for MGTOW-like content when their gut feeling tells them something is wrong, but they are not sure what exactly, so they'll skip TFM and move somewhere else. If an unsuspecting blue-pilled men accidentally stumbles upon MGTOW content and is shown some basic truths he'll firmly deny it and return to the plantation. So in my opinion it doesn't meter if TFM or his viewers are gay or not unless it's about "mah degeneracy". I'm not going to argue about "the essence of MGTOW" or "what it means to be a MGTOW", it will always lead to special olympics, witch hunts and attempts to put or take labels away from people. Why? Because I see MGTOW not as a coordinated movement, but rather as a group of cats that's hanging together while it fits them. If you're worried about public perception of MGTOW rest assured it will never be positive. Why so? Because men's self-interest directly contradicts self-interest of the majority. First of all, if MGTOW becomes the majority society is doomed for a lots of reasons - demographics, economy u name it. Secondly, you underestimate reproductive urges of a regular man, guys are ready to bite the bullet in an attempt to fulfill their biological purpose. Thirdly, there is one thing that unites women, government, corporations and both left and right political activists - all of them require men's self-sacrifice for their well-being and/or furthering their agenda/building brave new world. One of the core believes of a free man whether he considers himself MGTOW or not, is his unwillingness to sacrifice himself for someone else's cause. That's why MGTOW will never have any allies, will never become a majority and will never have a good public image. It's not a conspiracy or a plot, it's just how self-interests align. We will always be ostracized, antagonized, envied and sometimes even penalized for such is the price of freedom. Considering the above it's completely irrelevant who does what with their privates.

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