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Published on 03 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics

#mgtow #women #delusional #men #singlemoms

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bousso 14 days ago

come on that was really soft.

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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

He drilled her like a man, like Mike Tyson style. Two things he done wrong. First, he’s white. Now there’s probably gonna be three months of senseless violence. Secondly, no woman can withstand blows like that. Simple physical makeup. Men, like the average physical guy and not some soyboy, is built for physical work and warfare. This guy fits into the category and obviously can throw down. Nothing like this happens in a vacuum, there was a catalyst that conveniently didn’t make the video. Yes he went way too far, and yes the book will be thrown at him

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Ratherbefishing 2 months ago

Yep, the guy went too far. Presenter nailed the fact that the many of the wimmins and definitely the majority of nigga hoes thrive on chaos and drama.

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MrA_H0Ie 2 months ago

Nearly 100% correct analysis and conclusions.

The only point where I disagree is when you said he went too far. No, he didn't.
He should have beaten her up a lot more than that.

These cunts have to see as many cases as possible where they are brutally punished for abusing their unjust social and legal power.

There is a good psychological reason why legal punishment for bad behavior was done publicly even for petty crimes before feminism destroyed all stable societies. The main reason is not to humiliate the one who's punished but rather to frighten those who don't have internal morals.

Based on Lawrence Kohlberg's research we all know that women do not have an internal moral compass beyond level 3 of the 6 levels, so there is no way to create a stable society unless we keep them in fear.

Note: Carol Gilligan, a feminist, attempted to disprove Kohlberg's research and she failed, so she stole the description of the first 3 levels from his theory, renamed them, and claimed that they are completely different levels for women's moral development.

But if you compare Kohlberg's vs Gilligan's descriptions of the first 3 levels you'll notice they describe exactly the same concepts. So, even though that feminist cunt aimed to disprove Kohlberg, she actually did the opposite - unintentionally she proved what Kohlberg described, that women do not develop to levels 4 to 6, they remain at level 3 which is a selfish teenager who needs to be strictly regulated to avoid harm to other people.

Women remain at that level throughout their entire life, so they are unable to feel compassion. They only act as if they would be compassionate if they fear punishment for selfish behavior and/or when they think that by playing that act they'll get something easier than by being hostile.

Simply put, women don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, and besides brutal public punishment there is no way to convince them that their overt or covert parasitic behavior is less effective than a genuine cooperation with men.

The laws will not change to take away unjust power from women until men punish these whores so much that the social structure of society breaks down to a level where women will beg for forgiveness and mercy. Women don't give up an inch of their power unless they live in constant fear throughout their entire life.

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Sir 2 months ago

@ MrA_H0Ie : Well said & 100% Spot on !

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MrA_H0Ie 2 months ago

@Sir : The part about moral development was noticed by TFM a long time ago. Credit where due...

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Hard_hairy_big_pack 2 months ago

Bitch learned her lesson. That man is a hero.

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Shadewalker 2 months ago

All I saw was jab, jab, jab where is the cross, hook and uppercut.

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Wolf178 2 months ago

There was a time we would see this regularly on tv and movies. Bitch started it.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

She seems a slow learner. She swung first and gets pity?

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