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Black Pilled Menace
Published on 02 Jan 2020 / In Entertainment

This is your boy Dennis. On the MGTOW Menace channel. I want to wish you a Happy New Year to all of you monks and spunks out there. Just some quick updates on this channel. I will be moving away from less angsty and anger based content and more towards articles reviews, commentary and pre-recorded videos which I will premiere. As for MGTOW TV, Bar Bar and Coterie content is now available. I will be making spesnaz content available on bitchute and on other platforms such as VK and MGTOW TV as time goes on. Likewise, I will be streaming a bit less as my main channel takes priority. Eventually. I hope to acquire better software, a better mic and also better editing software too. To help increase the quality of this show as well.

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The Menace

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