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MGTOW Monk - What I USED TO DO for her.......

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Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In People & Blogs

All those privileges lost. All those good times at my expensive are but dust to the wind.

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Trevor West
Trevor West 24 days ago

Fear the 'happy' marriage.

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 25 days ago

I'm not sure and I'd like your opinions on this, but I wonder if what we are seeing today is the natural evolution of responses originating with Disney?

Think about the generation of girls growing up with the idea from Disney that women will find their prince, their knight in shining armor. The men sacrifice themselves for the women selflessly. I wonder if all the various portrayals of the men giving, helping and rescuing the women in Disney fantasies has had the impact to move the women to entitlement.

Of course, for sure, this is not a big part of the picture and there are other causes without a doubt, but what impact do you think Disney has had?

Good info.

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Lucifer333 25 days ago

Whats up bro?

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mibgtow 25 days ago

I just bought a bunless quarter pound cheeseburger at McDonald's. What a fuckin treat. Anyhow, the landwhale who took my card in the drive-thru had a cheap cross body sash on that read BIRTHDAY in pink. She looks about 40, and has about as many one dollar bills pinned to her xxxl mcdonalds shirt as you'd expect a hot stripper to make in about half a minute on a table dance. Choices... Whamen suck at life.

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zdoctor 25 days ago

THIS IS THE BEST ADVICE YOU CAN GET.....................drop the pic and walk off the stage. .............DONT SERVE THEM ANY MORE. ....work on yourself

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winter 25 days ago

So many truth bombs in this one. They've "talked themselves out of the greatest fucking deal in the world." They don't have "the slightest amount of respect" for us. We're "not even human to them."

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TheManInside 25 days ago

Mate, my last "relationshit", that woman was amazing, and I'm not exaggerating, gorgeous face, amazing hair, decent body, great to talk to, educated, had great conversations with her, brutally amazing in bed, although on the conservative side, exquisite taste regarding clothes, and a fantastic cook, made some of the most delicious food I ever had. A true lady. Was the kindest person today and the worst temper the next day (RED FLAGS ANYONE?), but for months, yes, she was very sweet. About my place in her life... The fucking dog was ALWAYS a few steps above me. The fucking dog, I had to tell her to not call the dog by saying "come to mommy" in my presence. I was the fuckboy emotional tampon, and although she wasn't poor or earned a misery wage, with time, she saw me as a potential ATM. :D :D Good luck with that. I have 2 dogs, so my issue was not with her dog, my dogs are sleeping in the back yard right now, wouldn't surprise me if she has her's in bed with her right now. When I was there, the fucking dog was not allowed to even enter the bedroom. I don't sleep with pets in the same room. I won't allow any woman to do that shit to me again. If I'm below her pet, she just a shag. Which, most likely they all will be anyway.

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sauger1001 25 days ago

I enjoyed giving my GFs pleasure as well. Some appreciated it. Others thought they were entitled.

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Edward Longshanks
Edward Longshanks 26 days ago

I'm shuddering at what I could have become if it wasn't for MGTOW content.

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TheManInside 26 days ago

How I understand every word you say...
Not anymore, I don't care about that anymore. Was just talking to a fem... My thoughts during the entire conversation was "do I want to fuck her?", "is it worth it?". I don't care about having pleasure by pleasuring. I got stomped so many times I can't think like that anymore. I'll take pleasure in pleasuring a woman in bed, otherwise I don't enjoy it. But going out of my way to make a woman happy so I can feel some momentary emotional satisfaction... NO.
I took pleasure this afternoon by taking my bicycle and pushing my body. Came back knackered, breathless, thirsty, but with a renewed mental energy was in need of.
I respect 100% your monk path, and also support you, just I don't want it for me. No way I'll EVER put a woman in front of whatever I need/want though.
I've learned many lessons in my life, made many mistakes, getting married or mingled properly was not one of them. I did place women above me many times, how stupid I was, but I didn't know better, and you didn't either. That's why I don't bash men who are where I once was.

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sorearm 26 days ago

Those blue pill days. I was the same. No longer, I was red pilled into the nature of reality , the system and more importantly, female nature during divorce and family court. Looking back I don't know who I was.

Now I am harsher, harder, more realistic. I woke up and saw the reality of life before me. I would like to have that idealistic romantic life, a woman who appreciated and valued you ... well they don't exist.

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Hammerhead69 26 days ago

When in a committed relationship I am loyal as hell. That said I go from either monk mode or I am a vag hound. High body count with spells of not chasing or accepting offers. After I was doing group sex as the only Man in the dog pile I realized none of them could tell you my name or eye color. I was just a "D" for them to enjoy nothing above the belt mattered and I wasn't as satisfied as when I was committed to the woman I was with. I spoil my partners when I am committed, and they would use that later.

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Johnny_Cage 26 days ago

Yes, indeed Hammerhand. Yes indeed :)

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StupidSexyLobo 26 days ago

I used to jump with both feet into the bucket, too. Once all in, I’d be hopping around like a fool to get one foot free. The last bucket was my last bucket.

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Shadewalker 26 days ago

I was always looking for substance when it came to women but never found any. No depth.

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Generationless 26 days ago

Ahh..my blue pill days. I try not to reflect back to often, so I don't piss myself off. I would always be "All In" too. I did the stroking massage bit too. It was my pleasure too. I did a lot. The lack of appreciation never ceases to floor me. I don't know if I red pilled myself, or if it was they that red pilled me. Either way, I'm here now to stay.

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Johnny_Cage 26 days ago

My [very few] massages that I applied to select female cohorts never went very appreciated either. They just start expecting it, then if you refuse then you're the bad/abusive/neglectful one. The manipulation is built into their very DNA. After all, it is the only weapon or tool they have to wield, so it makes sense. Doesn't stop us from seeing them for wha they are though: moronic ungrateful brats that ruin everything if not kept in check.

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