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MGTOW Monk - We are ALL equal.....??

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Published on 03 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Defundthehoes 4 days ago

"Are we all equal" The fact that there are winners and losers in the Olympics says no. Also did you know there are also winners and losers in sports? *gasp*

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ImLiberated 5 days ago

A trap bar deadlift is one of the easiest exercises you can lift a lot of weight on but them hoes still suck at it because they lack the Hormone of the Gods XD

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celticgaurdian1400 6 days ago

Hammerclause, you said it right when you had said "Fuck a bitch". You're only equal if you bring value, and I have only seen one or two that could bring something of worth out of this generation.

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SQUEAK077 6 days ago

Women do not live in reality. Looking at selective men who remained single no kids never married their actions and tidbits on life they said nothing to me but what I got from their actions when people judged them. They live a more un complicated existence.

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MrA_H0Ie 6 days ago

And he doesn't even look that big.
That's the difference in muscle density between men and women.

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Johnny_Cage 1 day ago

Also, if you notice: his posture is fucked-up. He's lifting from his lower back and spine, which is the quickest way to get seriously injured. One's back should be straight, and chest should be puffed out and forward. He's one of those super-amateur "bro-builders" that do no research or safety-practicing, they get hurt, then try to warn everyone else from lifting at all. Idiots.

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zdoctor 6 days ago

WHAT A MINUTE.......WERE ALL EQUAL......dont you mean whaman are better then men in every way....lol , amazing how they sit there and watch just like in most of life. . just the along for the ride.. . JUMP OFF THE WAGON OF SERVITUDE AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE....you wont regret it. . keep money in your pocket ....keep your sanity.....retire early and enjoy your life and fulfill all your goals and aspirations WITHOUT WHAMAN!!

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