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MGTOW Monk - They MEAN IT!!

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Published on 04 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

Do not impregnate these vile sloors. Keep your seed.

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gchase 15 days ago

She has the soul of a shark

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Mustang 15 days ago

There is just something wrong with the soul of a woman when they can casually march into an Abortion Mill and murder their unborn child.

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MrA_H0Ie 16 days ago

China's one child policy caused a surplus of 30 million more men than women. Feminist cunts will cause a surplus of women.
China men now have to have at least one paid off home to be considered eligible for marriage by women because there are too many men, so women can be as picky as they want to.
Guess what will happen in the west. When there will be more women than men, men will be in the position to be as picky as they want. Women just will have to learn to act decent again.
Idiotic behavior is a self correcting problem over a few generations.

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InfiniteMushroom 16 days ago


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GhostPlodderES 17 days ago

Exterminating themselves. Hitting the Wall before reproducing. You go gurl!

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InfiniteMushroom 17 days ago

And yet, the average Sheeple will say that it's understandable that she hates men BECAUSE MUH OPPRESSION and MUH SEXISM.

If a MAN said that he only wanted sons and liked the way Red China handled unwanted female babies, ....well.... there would be an epic CRISIS underway! Counselors galore to help snowflake readers work through such sexist hatred, a huge (((MEDIA))) saturation campaign to deal with Toxic Masculinity, and a bill in Congress to "tackle the epidemic of sexism" in ZOG-U.S.A.

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zdoctor 17 days ago

the true value of a whaman,,,,,,,,,0

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TheManInside 17 days ago

The thing is, mothers give preferential treatment to boys. It doesn't mean they are better treated though.

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SQUEAK077 17 days ago

unless the man makes bank...

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Maxxx 17 days ago

Killing a simp's male infant is as close as a modern female is willing to get to killing men.

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