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MGTOW Monk - There is NO TABLE.....

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Published on 12 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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boby 5 months ago

Biatch: I know what I bring to the table
Me: Yeah, the problem is I know it, too

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anonmachina 5 months ago

The 'Jedi mind trick' hand wave got me. lol.

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zdoctor 5 months ago

HO..HO...HO.........merry ho-mas

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Why did the first thing that echoed through my empty skull, was the word - "Whore"?

"Arriving back in town very late Saturday evening, I saw Sarah Sunday afternoon. She had established
an “insurance” position with another lover during my absence. Usually I would have been consumed by
jealousy, but now I responded with anger and disappointment, the full extent of which I was afraid to
show. She seemed eager to keep our arrangement going with a sexual fix. Usually I was an eager taker
under such circumstances, but now I felt at odds with myself, with an aggressiveness which was anything
but loving.

Also,amidst our intercourse I saw her with eyes tightly closed and with her hands clawing her pillow and bed
sheets. I normally would have seen these as signposts of heightened ecstasy, and this would have further
stimulated me. My reaction now was altogether different. I realized that I could have been anyone else,
that my seeming uniqueness as a “lover” was an illusion. I was trying to trump up a sense of my singular,
irreplaceable qualities as a person through engaging in one of the great common denominators of
mankind. Hardly unique, I was merely another player. "

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4_ArchAngel 5 months ago

I could see an etherial basket full of demands and expectations that she shoulders with her.

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Buckaroo Baizuo
Buckaroo Baizuo 5 months ago

We fkn made the table darling and put food on it every damn day .. you just show up and what exactly? Didn’t think so .. under the table maybe?

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Maxxx 5 months ago


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A_Shot_of_Whiskey 5 months ago

If that's "the table," then I'm going back to Ikea to demand a refund.

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Lucifer333 5 months ago

Thats a funny accent, is that alabama?

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Lucifer333 5 months ago


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Councilof1 5 months ago

I'd blow up the table to avoid that one.

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