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MGTOW Monk - Swirled thirst!!

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Published on 16 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Lucifer 1 month ago

she is black? like 10% maybe, wtf you yanks are weird

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 1 month ago

ALL females are racist insofar as they all look favorably on European descent men. Just not all females can hook a White man. They all have internal loathing of their own genetics.
They always come up with the response, "I don't date guys of my own race, because he looks too much like my brother".
Remember: females are Professionals at virtue signaling.
Not all ethnicity are created equal.

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celticgaurdian1400 1 month ago

Only black men that she'd make videos of complimenting her would be the likes of Idris Elba. There wouldn't be any black men interested in her she'd want to post about.

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Generationless 1 month ago

Obviously race matters to her.

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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

Those hand gestures are the trade mark of sassy hood rats.
The good news is these cunts reveal red flags like this within the first seconds, so it's easy to avoid them.
10 years later "where have all the good men gone?"... Hiding from you, bitch.

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Mustang 1 month ago


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Mustang 1 month ago

Thirsty Simp Girlfriend. You ain't all that and a bog of Chips.

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