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MGTOW Monk - Street calling them Back ta Africa's out!!

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Published on 25 Aug 2021 / In People & Blogs

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jonny 25 days ago

Because chad god knocked up his lil slut. that's how.

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InfiniteMushroom 28 days ago

Yeah, I've heard all that HOTEP and Black Woman is God horseshit and it just shows how gullible Negroes are.

The whole We Wuz Kangz n' Kweenz thing grew out of the KIKE JEWS' dramatization of the only successful kingdom in Africa. The Mali Empire under Mansa Musa in the 13th-14th century. But, in typical Negro fashion, when Mansa Musa went to do hajj, he brought Mali's wealth with him and blew it as fast as he could to show off how rich he was.

When Mansa Musa was done with hajj and began his return trip to Mali, he was flat broke and had to borrow gold from the Jew moneychangers in Cairo. He basically mortgaged Mali itself so he could get home. Mali began the long slide into poverty that it never recovered from. His successor, Mansa Souleyman Keita, was forced to impose extreme austerity to bring Mali's finances back in line. But, Mali never rose again.

Mali remained a footnote in history until JEWS in the 1980's Disney-fied the whole era, created an Afro-centric comic book history out of it, and told America's Negroes that they wuz Kangz n' Kweenz. And here we are.....

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mrghoster 28 days ago

More a Case of "The CHICK or the EGG" which came first? Well simple really. The MAN CUM's First then the Chick has the fertile EGG? Even if the First MALE was a blob from the bog the MALE CUM's first to create the fertilization of the EGG, the fefail already has the EGG that will get flushed once a month with out MAN's sperm! so women are NOT GOD! I cant get it any more logical than that?

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sauger1001 29 days ago

Glad I NEVER felt the need to live in the hood. These "discussions" only confirm the urgent need for the God of the universe to come quickly.

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bigintol03 29 days ago


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