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MGTOW Monk - ONE MAN...takes on 9 FEMALES and smokes them....

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Published on 04 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

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mrghoster 16 days ago

I think it was Doggk put up a video of a fefail team being defeated by one legged Vet's, well worth a laugh!

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Richard August
Richard August 16 days ago

Female footballers will never get equal pay because they do not do equal work. Now, my supervisor at work DOES get equal pay to other Supervisors because on my job, she does equal work AND takes crap from our customers.

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nexus1961 16 days ago

Megan Rape-a-hoe sure got the answer from the courts she deserved.. the fucking utter gall of those cunts seeking more money, when they and their players union negotiated a contract that gives women a LARGER % of seat-ticket sales receipts than MEN'S soccer give their players.. and of course, as soon as it became obvious they couldn't even quarter-fill stadiums, THEN they sued, as if somehow their own incompetence in bargaining was someone else's fucking fault!!
Given that the courts usually back women on these bullshit claims, I was happy indeed, to see the correct decision handed down.

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MrA_H0Ie 16 days ago

That seemed to be easy.

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Hard_hairy_big_pack 16 days ago

Nah they will get paid, they just cry to the government.

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Mgtow_economics 17 days ago

Very important video. Dudes, the feemales are essentially stealing from men and from society. Every single social interaction involving feemales requires a payment. Then they take over things like healthcare, and turn it into a public sector tax extraction racket.

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GhostPlodderES 17 days ago

Pathetic, little boys would have TACKLED him and laughed about it!

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zdoctor 17 days ago

equality is ther primary reason to DROP THE MIC AND WALK OFF THE STAGE.....whaman dont think your worth anything so let them go homeless.

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Generationless 17 days ago

Apparently they're not even worth 1/9th pay.

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I dunno about putting shit on womens sports, to be fair, women play sports like well... women. So when it's women vs. women - they are putting in their best efforts and it's not a bad game... Donkeys cannot be race horses, so appreciate the donkeys for what they are and what they can do at their level.... AND because they are NOT men and can't play like men, doesn't mean they ought to be universally shit canned on this basis. I also don't think it's fair to perpetually shit can them on this basis. It is better to appreciate them getting off their arses and giving it their best, and enjoying their efforts for what they can do, at the levels of women.

And the women can play some pretty rough sport..... I was walking across the suburbs of Melbourne and went past the Nth Melbourne football field - and there were two womens teams playing Australian Rules football, and two things occurred to me.

1. I saw one kind of tubby chick, running FLAT out across the field, and she ran straight into the other woman, running with the foot ball.... "Fucking WHACK!" - and I heard the impact.. - it's not quite but it's sort of like getting hit by a 250cc motorbike doing 40 Kmh.... and the chick who WAS carrying the ball was down and fucked... she had to be carted off on a stretcher...

I am not sure if any broken bones happened, but it would have really knocked the wind out of her.... It was a HARD hit...

I got the feeling that it was a real grudge + on the rags, "even the score" type event.

2. That when the women gather in a group and fight over who can get the foot ball, with all their screeching and hollering, they sound just like seagulls fighting over chips at the beach...


I like sports, but I am not that interested in it, because we were indoctrinated from an early age, that in the winter, we are all supposed to like and play Australian Rules football, and support the assorted teams of professional foot ballers, at the stadiums and the main sleaze media who fight for the rights to broad cast the matches...

My father only ever took me to ONE major match at a HUGE new stadium and the whole fiasco was impressive but the size of the parking area - was so fucking HUGE, and the crowds were absolutely enormous and the stadium was gigantic, that we got to see HUGE crowds and cues to get in.... and after that we watched multi coloured specks running around on a foot ball field, from quite some distance up in the stands and then we had to fight to get out of the place when the game was over, with 100,000 other people in their groups and cars, all trying to get out of the place.....

And I thought "Oh fuck this!" - I like it that people train and get very good at playing the sports / games.... but I can do without the giant fucking circus. If I really wanted to watch a game of football, I'd go to the oval (football field) at the local park and sit on a seat around the outside, with a couple of hundred people at the most.... Bring a cut lunch and a thermos and a blanket to stay warm and sit there for half an hour or so and then fuck off when it suited me.... Just walk into the park and walk out....

No tickets, no cues, no huge crowds.

This I guess is another reason why I like womens sports, because your not competing with 50,000 other people to get a car parking space, that is less than a mile from the stadium, without having to get there at 5am for a match that starts at 11am.... That kind of shit.

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sithsith 17 days ago

Look at how big , fast and agile that black man was , no women can ever do that unless they modify themselves genetically!

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InfiniteMushroom 17 days ago

Just like Pele, the great Brazilian soccer star.

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celticgaurdian1400 17 days ago

How about equal pay when you provide equal value? Wait, that's not going to happen anytime soon Ladies. Last time I was forced to endure that garbage I noticed the seats were empty compared to the Men's games.
Why not equal pay for equal talent? When Teenage boys are better and more skilled then "World Renowned", and I can only use that term as loose as possible, professional players, maybe we should be paying them your money instead.
Face the Truth and just stop lying to yourselves, you are only trying to draw attention to yourselves in hopes of getting a 20/10 Man and only now realizing that cat litter and box wine is expensive hence the "We deserve equal pay because Vagina".

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