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MGTOW Monk - Old tropes being trotted out to a slow death.

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Published on 15 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

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She is a nasty OLD piece of cunt, still thinking that she is like 22....

No man, no family, no children - just the stench of cats piss and cheap cask Whine.

She has hit the wall and is now long past it... and she knows it.

He entilement card has no credit left on it.

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Generationless 2 months ago

She has to ask this question with hair down to her ass, and showing all that much tits. She actually looks and is built a lot like my sex doll...that I never have to feed...but I am responsible for cleaning it up.

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I hope your sex doll is better looking and doesn't have the ingrate attitude.

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zdoctor 2 months ago

i stopped paying for whaman long ago.....never lay a dime out for a whaman. go MGTOW and it will save your life,...and life savings.

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mrghoster 2 months ago

I won't ever pay a penny toward a women ever again regardless of what is on offer, because she is probably lying?

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AtillaTheHung 2 months ago

I don't pay for women unless they're sucking my seed. You want food, buy yourself.

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Menwalkaway 2 2 months ago

Sorry lady im not taking any of you Cxxts out anymore, my wallet my choice ...

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AvyScottAndFlower 2 months ago

Modern Women:

They think they have the value of the 1950s homely women,
They bitch & moan as if they had as little rights as the 1800s
Spew the SAME tired, outdated tropes of the 1900s

And their ACTUAL value, today..






FATHERLESS WOMEN of the 2020s.

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MrA_H0Ie 2 months ago

Because there are no women any more who are worth to spend time with any longer than a dinner and sex the SAME night. In fact there are barely any women that are worth to spend any time with, and the risks are high enough to avoid them all.
So, good luck to these morons who still try to act like they are the catch when more and more men learn what they really are - a liability.

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celticgaurdian1400 2 months ago

Mike Pence had it right when it comes to dining with women you aren't married to. If I go out to eat I normally will go to one of four different restaurants were the staff knows me and knows my routine, table for one away from other tables with a waiter instead of a waitress.

Ladies, you did all of this (makes circle with finger above head) to yourselves and Men are not going to clean this mess up.

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Councilof1 2 months ago

No such thing as a free meal.

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