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Published on 13 Mar 2021 / In Film & Animation


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KEEPER 25 days ago

i worked in security and my job had an policy of to never be late, well anyway i was moved to an location where i did an grave shift, and the person who was supposed to come in was supposed to be in at a certain time, well anyway i didn't know this person's schedule and so at first i didn't pay too much attention to it.

but then eventually tasks that the guards were to do changed slightly due to the client's needs and required that other person to be in the building on time every day, then there was an higher need to preform certain tasks in other areas, however i was to do what i was doing while the other person was suposed to do these other things, and this person was late every day for the longest time and because i was the one guard who was there these other tasks that fell through were naturally blamed on me because i was the only one there in the building and i couldn't leave my post so i took the blame even though it wasn't my fault at all.

it eventually came to my attention that the supervisor didn't know about this guard being late every day even though the supervisor had all the info at his fingertips, he didn't know shit about how she took advantage of his fuckup of using "trust but don't verify", eventually i contacted him about it through a text, and said how do you guys feel about guards being late to the job site?

he said that they do not tolerate it at all! then i said, then why is this guard late every day? and he said he would check the logs and he only looked at her paper work that is using an "trust but don't verify system" that can make it really easy for someone to make shit up. he got back to me saying she's never late and always on time. and i said you need to check her logs to when she comes in the building using her key card instead of using this obviously faulty system of blind trust.

he said he would, he never got back to me on this issue, so i took my comments to HR of the company we all worked for and did it through email, because it's best to document these things, and finally my supervisor payed more attention to her and anyone else for that matter, because i pretty much lit an fire under his ignorant ass and made him look bad.

the girl was still late but she at least tried to be on time because this shit was like an stain on her record and the company eventually found that she took other liberties within the clients building that were not allowed, look, i don't do this because i wanted trouble or revenge, but i got sick and tired of getting blamed for shit i had no control over because of her bullshit, anyway she started coming into work with headaches or looking like shit like life was being really hard on her, and my supervisor was always being a big softy to her when she couldn't do the job she was hired for, and she would try to take advantage of what i was doing and get me to do things that i wasn't supposed to do, i didn't realize that she was trying to get me in trouble at first.

but then i caught on to her shit again, and started regularly chatting with HR again, and i made detailed reports on what i was supposed to do while she was supposed to take care of these other tasks in the building. then the supervisor stopped his being easily forgiving to her because once again someone else had to step in and tell it how it was.

in the back of my head i thought my company was going to fire me because i made such a stink about this girl, and i thought she would try to get back at me through harassments or something. but no, it was because of my detailed reports that i was saved because if they tried something i could use the emails as proof because that's how emails work they create an natural log of events that also create an copy for both parties involved. this is how you win, now i also recorded conversations with that girl just incase she ever tried to accuse me of anything, it was technically against the job site rules, but because we now live within the "listen and believe" society, i knew my defense would be pointless if my evidence was only verbal or hearsay. you gotta document that shit if you want any defense, yeah it's not allowed but it's also the only thing that will save you if you are falsely accused of some shit.

it was TFM who convinced me to record anyway as well as document the details and send them to HR through email ahead of time, back in the old TFM days when DDJ was an regular co host. there is a lot of good info back in those days of his show. if anyone is interested, i have them all on my channel in my playlists here

anyway she was eventually moved to another job site because of her shit, i mean she should have been fired but my company was desperate for bodies so that's why they kept her. and suddenly the other guards that i worked with on the job site were less stressed working this location, i had chats with the other guards about her and they were always afraid of what she would do to them because of this "listen and believe" culture, i had to tell them to learn how to document their findings and do it through email because they have to respond to email and they won't be able to delete that you sent them any messages on your side either, yes you could text but texts aren't the best thing to use while documenting things. better to use email for things of this nature, this is why when an man is going through an divorce or something in the court room to only use email and never do verbal because it's the best documenting representation around, even to this day.

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Doug88las 25 days ago

show me the Whorefax.

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NoFemVAL 28 days ago

You are right bro. All the evil that a female is we are just supposed to accept. Fuck these dirty cunts....avoid at all costs.

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Hammerhead69 29 days ago

I like the analogy, her dating history as work history. Due diligence is really on you and it is way important.

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Brian Tracey had a method for getting rid of shit heads - by not employing them in the first place.

Get the references from their former employers, contact them, and put this too them, "If so and so's former position were to become available and they were to reapply for it, would you rehire them?"

If the answer is, "Yes they were fantastic" - from generally everyone, and the reasons for letting them go were due to genuine commercial reasons, you hire them.

If the answer is "NO"; - then you fuck the FEMALE job applicant off, with a non response, that can be written into the job application process., e.g. "Successful applicants will be notified in writing" style of a message, meaning if the FEMALE lucks out or is RUBBED OUT, or is crossed off the list, your not going to contact her again and it's the reason for terminating any futher contact from her, then and there.

This way no one can be held legally liable by a retarded, vindictive, cash grabbing, incompetent cunt, and her team of lawyers.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 29 days ago

I sure wouldn’t ever involve myself with women. I certainly wouldn’t touch her with a 39 an a half foot cock

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SQUEAK077 29 days ago

Absolutely right. I joined a union long ago and seen so many we called them double bubbles. They were subject for their job on forklifts. I swear if they had a seat weight limit they would not have a job. Even one complained the seat was too small. No wonder one side of their cars tires went bald every 3 months. Working in a refinery one woman was known for suing men who hit on her for sexual assault. Known as the Black Widow. Women never really worked on a job they where always in their bathroom dressing up before going to lunch.

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KEEPER 25 days ago

@Hiliew35: hey! dipshit! stop spamming in the comments, ppl get deleted for shit like this.

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KEEPER 25 days ago

the website doesn't censor, however when it comes to spam like this, you get deleted. like pulling an weed.

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