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Published on 28 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Mademyownway 2 months ago

Better Bach is a F'in Joke. He showed his true colors last year to keep the money following. When he started calling out men on his channel for talking bad to women, he showed me who is really is.
People have short memories, when it comes to people like this Joker. He is not MGTOW at all. He is a money whore like many of the guys that have come and gone in this community. He talks a good game to keep that money coming. Fuck him and the bus he road in on.

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TAOGYOW 2 months ago

Excellent video.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 2 months ago

Hammerhand - The MGTOW God.
Undead Chronic.
Popp (without his pet).
MGTOW Bandit.
Adams was good...
Go back two to four years and Cooper has some good videos too.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

Messenger Rising was my very first exposure to MGTOW. I have many of his videos archived. He was like many men almost 10 years ago striving to articulate just what the fuck had happened, what was happening to men, what to name it, and how to frame the concept which would become MGTOW. What was once hidden inside of comedy (Al Bundy and Sam Kinison) was finally coming out as a serious philosophy, a way of life, and most importantly, a nearly infallible education tool to explain what happened to men for so many decades. The next step is fighting back, clawing back what was stolen from us, and doing more than just lip service to those ends!

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Thanks HH - Good Man. There are a lot of Good Men and a lot of good smarts and experience.
There are also a few chicks... Janice Fiamengo etc...

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James1225 2 months ago

Spread reality, for truth is freedom. Drive on hard gents.

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