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MGTOW Monk - Feminist Ditch Pig Daisy Cousens is the spoiled child of Hollywood elites.

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Published on 01 Feb 2021 / In People & Blogs

How many of you knew that Cousens is the daughter of a lifelong Liberal Hollywood actor Peter Cousens??

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TheManInside 27 days ago

Hammer, you may not get more views from me...
On fucking YouTube.

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revelationkjv 1 month ago

They are not scared , they are CHAMELEONS.

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zdoctor 1 month ago

BREAK THE PATTERN OF SERVITUDE. just walk off the stage and focus on your dreams, goals, and aspirations. you wont be sorry at all when you realize how much effort is wasted and non of that effort is on you. JUST WALK AWAY.

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edud_eeffoc 1 month ago

As a MGTOW / bachelor, subbing to a woman's channel simply because she's a woman and you find her 'attractive' is dumb. Spending money by tipping or buying her merchandise is dumber. Look people, porn is free if the need is there. The women on these channels will NEVER allow you anywhere near them....regardless of whatever pre-scripted response you get if you send them $. NEVER. The fantasy in your head will NEVER happen. Stop wasting time and resources. Focus on YOU. BREAK

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