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MGTOW Monk - Dating is SOOO HARD!!

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Published on 02 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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timebandit 2 days ago

we been getting rejected and ghosted by women for thousands of years! get used to it. the table has turned and women aren't worth the risk of criminal charges just for asking them out or flirting! you cunts made your bed of whoredom, self loathing and loneliness! And the "decent" women who just stood by and didn't say shit about the destruction of the nuclear/traditional family just let it happen. get used to rejection. we did.

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bousso 6 days ago

gotta tell you is too easy for me....I have to be peaky...the secret is actitude and dont be a freak.AND never take women seriuosly , we all know here they are animals.

my line is you want a beer? vodka? if she say yes ,is yours to fuck.

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jimbennett 7 days ago

Who can afford to date? go ahead and set them up for rejection man.. lol. they hover around me all the time.. I am like good luck.. Where's Trump? "BYE BYE"

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zdoctor 8 days ago

they alwys will play the victim until we walk off the plantation of servitude. .....stop serving.....stop paying attention.....stop pandering to. . all you have to do is work on your own goals not her goals. . work on your aspirations not her desires. KEEP IT REAL AND WALK OFF THAT STAGE OF SERVING THEM. . never accept anything less then YOU COME FIRST NOT THEM. . you are the center of your own existence not her. . you create your own future...not her. . you give the direction that is best for yourself...not her. DO THE BEST YOU CAN.....BE THE BEST MAN YOU CAN BE....LIVE FOR YOURSELF AND GROW AS A MAN.......BE 100 PERCENT FOR YOURSELF AS A MAN.

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Furioso 8 days ago

Even recruit difficulty is too hard for these lazy ass hoes .

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Councilof1 8 days ago

If any woman had the nerve to tell me dating is hard for a woman my response would be "I didn't realize laying on your back and spreading your legs was difficult".

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TheManInside 8 days ago

If it's not hard, they won't want you. Pun intended.

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