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Published on 11 Feb 2021 / In People & Blogs

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"Morals, Principles and Ethics" - Which TV network is that on?

Like I am not going to lose my fucking mind and go murder everyone who works in every TV station / radio network and newspaper etc., but I refuse to even own a fucking TV.

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gchase 3 months ago

I'm canceling my TV service this week. Never watch that sewer-flush anyway.

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Dib D'Abo
Dib D'Abo 3 months ago

Unsubscribed from JewTube TV the other day.

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Francis_UD 3 months ago

Stay safe man.

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I gave my TV away 10 years ago... I just ran out of tolerance for shit - after a week of living in a house full of water, and being told by EVERY TV station, 24/7, day in, day out for weeks - on ALL the TV stations, that Australia was FLOODED all over. Sitting at the table with the flood water up to my belly button, eating dinner by candle light, watching the portable TV.... "Oh fuck - we are flooded? Really? You don't say!"

AND it was the most insipid content, "Ohh the street in so and so town, has had a 2" increase in depth over the last 4 hours. Such and such a street in shit hole city / town, the water has dropped by 1" but AUTHORITIES warn that further heavy rains are on the way."

It was NOT generally useful news, we all knew what was going on, and there was no escaping the stupid...

All I wanted to do was go was some simple, no stress, early childhood type programs like Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men or The Magic Round About.

At least the acting and the story lines were good...

Bill and Ben The Flower Pot Men: The Potato Man - FULL EPISODE! https://youtu.be/NLuU0wO5t8k

The Magic Roundabout - Ermintrude Gets Stuck https://youtu.be/_vKPUc-Bk6A?t=13

In the last 10 years the TV AND printed ??? press have only gotten worse...... "Orange Man BAD" - in unison, in commie lock step on ALL channels and in ALL media - 50 version of the same crap on GOOGLE (you fucking arseholes) news.

I basically do not read any online news any more - they are fucking MORONS, and the TV stations - just throw bricks at the cunts.

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Menwalkaway 4 months ago

Let it Burn

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americus_deville 4 months ago

The professional leagues lost billions of dollars each under the excuse of COVID 19. Those that run the leagues are running a broken system. I apologize for not pulling the exact stats on financial losses.

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americus_deville 4 months ago

1 4 4

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PlazmoidialSoup 4 months ago

Sick BB

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sorearm 4 months ago

Great content as usual sir. Have a good day and everyone else, gentlmen.

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mrghoster 4 months ago

In the UK we have our Communist leader "Uncle BO JO", he is a complete Dick so under his foreskin it's always red and decaying! all of this is PLANNED, it is no different on the UK or Germany or France than it is in America. This may have worked in the past? but i think there are far more intelligent people than ever before, so I think the Corporate's have boo booed big time, because the simple answer is not for people with brains to buy into or even BUY their SHIT they produce. i don't buy big named products anymore from corporation's. OK the cheap shit may break, but I'm blessed with the ability to fix just about any shit? Even if you have to buy 3 of the same cheap thing to one big brand, at the end of the day it still works out cheaper if YOU tend and look after the item? I have basic shit I bought from China 5 years ago and it cost a fraction of the cost of a big western brand (which is probably produced in the same Chinese Factory anyways) and the things are STILL working, plus the fact if it does break I will ether fix it or I have another one in the cupboard as a back up at a fraction of the cost of a rip off western brand name.

Hopefully people will learn not to buy into the BULLSHIT or at least enough people to give them a red no profit balance sheet? and what will the reply from us be if asked why we don't buy? it will be something like "Well you should have treated us better"!

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Bobby_Chan 4 months ago

That's why I don't watch cable TV anymore...just the internet and of course mgt ow.tv...

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boby 4 months ago

Those lunatics are so out of touch and so annoying I have to make enormous effort to watch and still it's unbearable.
Can't reach even 5 min.
Once you've taken the pill you can't go back.

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Mustang 4 months ago

Amen Hammer!!! I quit watching TV about 20 years ago. I finally got fed up with my Christian Faith and Conservative Political Beliefs being CONSTANTLY mocked, scorned, ridiculed, and impuned every night on the Idiot Box. You couldn't pay me to watch those unpatriotic football players after they disrespected our National Anthem, Flag, and Veterans by kneeling during the National Anthem. They disrespected my World War 2 Combat Veteran Father. Go to Hell football players!!!

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ancientsea 4 months ago

When everyone is so sick-N-tired of all of this..."Woke" culture, the 1619 Project, etc., who wins ? From my bedroom window it is beginning to look like the western culture will be absolutely "RIPE" to be subordinated and picked. I am absolutely positive that your future superiors will resolve any questions remaining. Your superiors will be all the happier to tax you at 85 percent. Most, if not all folks, will be too busy trying to survive to worry about misplaced gender pronouns. So, as you have alluded towards Hammerhand , it is more important in these times, than ever before, to hold your virtues near-and-dear. This will save your human dignity. The shit they push and cover you with can wash away, but, a rotted soul is NOT so easy to clean. In the end all we have is what is '' inside ''.....the body gets old, and, it too decays.

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Dbw1776 4 months ago


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Donjarhead 4 months ago

Hey bhuh, I think like you do, but what do you mean when you said split national anthem?

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zdoctor 4 months ago

the information is so important to get out im happy to have this content on here. we can see just how this is unfolding and i have to say......IM OUT. im done with the culture change......im done with trying to serve the plantation. the more that wake up the more that leave and the more that leave the less that spend on the direction of that culture. we have heritage that they are trying to erase....good, bad or indifferent. no matter what its heritage. learn from the bad as well as the good but with todays narrative IM OUT. cant wait to see more of this content.

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