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MGTOW Monk - Being a man today.....

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Published on 15 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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gchase 1 month ago

Today...I rode my new motorcycle to the gym...had a good workout. Then went for a quiet ride on some beautiful country roads. Saw a few deer on the side of the road. Stopped to look at them.
Went home and made a healthy lunch. As I was cooking some chicken and veggies I watched a 'Mission Impossible' flik. Ate and then..took a nap.
Can you imagine if I was still married and tried to have one day like this...all to myself?
The arguing, whining and demands would be endless.
Live well gentlemen. Live for yourself..because this culture only wants what you can produce..until you die. Men and family are hated..no matter what we do.

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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

Today I vacuumed my room, cooked potatoes to the chicken I fried yesterday, had some exercise. In the rest of the day I was checking indicators and then made some investments while listening to songs from Hololive. Now I check this site, then I'm gonna watch some of those little brats, then go to sleep. Every day is peaceful like this.

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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

This is one of them :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=2l_6oIGTrbg&li

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Menwalkaway 1 month ago

Red pill is getting them Younger and younger ...

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SQUEAK077 1 month ago

On FB right now videos you can see made of of police called over a man i think is an actor is showing she is distraught and controlled... have you seen these videos talk about brain washing.

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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

Yup. He's another proof that young men are forced to become wise early in their life now.
Women can act as immature, irresponsibly and stupidly as they feel like, and someone will take care of the mess they caused.

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Councilof1 1 month ago

So true. The truth can be horrible but freedom is worth it. It's good that men are realizing the chains that bind them are all mental.

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Mustang 1 month ago

Wow, so young and allready Red Pilled!!! Bro, if you need someone to talk to or mentor you, HMU.

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zdoctor 1 month ago

WHAT IVE LEARNED........always live for yourself......never live for the whaman

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 1 month ago

Women raise their daughters to be aware of the "dark" natures if men in order to "protect" them. Women raise their sons to believe *All* females are angels in order to protect themselves.

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mrghoster 1 month ago

Thye truth from one so young. I wish ALL youngsters saw fefails this way?

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Generationless 1 month ago

Hope the kid lets the others his age know.

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